How To Make More Money By Making Your Employees Happy

How can a manager sustain his/her employees’ enthusiasm towards their work?  Noelle C. Nelson, author of Make More Money By Making Your Employees Happy, has some answers that she shared with  She noted that most employees lose their eagerness and work enthusiasm after the first few months.  She advises managers to value their employees by being role models for them in terms of work ethics – arriving on time, having a cheery work attitude, pitching in to solve work issues, etc.  Make their work environment safe and happy by providing them the needed tools and training to do their work efficiently.  Support their desire to grow by offering opportunities to further their career and knowledge.  Be sincere and specific when you praise their work or show your appreciation.

Increased employee value equals increased company value.

Here are half a dozen ways to do just that:

1) Right resources, right results.

Make sure your employees have the tools, training and sufficient time to accomplish their tasks and meet company goals.

When you give your employees what it takes for them to succeed at their jobs, they are happy and you thrive.

2) Increase employee success with regular, frequent, targeted feedback.

Feedback is critical to the employee’s ability to know what they’ve done right, and what needs improvement.

You’re more likely to be genuine and to be heard as genuine when your comments are immediate and specific.

Immediate feedback enhances your employees’ willingness and ability to do what you expect of them.

3) Catch your employees in the act of doing something right.

By consistently letting your employees know what they are doing right, you accomplish several goals:

• You keep employees on the right track since people are likely to repeat behaviors they have been praised for

• By valuing their efforts, you increase your employees’ sense of competence, which in turn, leads to increased competence on the job, and with it greater success–and happiness.

4) Your employees are only as good as you are.

It’s up to you to set the example by making sure you show up on time, have a terrific attitude, enthusiastically attack problems and pitch in.

5) Don’t punish good employees for their excellence.

Managers will often load a particularly effective employee with more and more work just because–well, they’re good.

Good performers don’t deserve to be mistreated in this way.

6) Learning and growth are critical to employee satisfaction.

Offer your employees training, classes, and opportunities to learn and grow in their careers, offer them many ways to increase their knowledge and skill. Let your employees know how valuable they are by investing in their ability to either do their job better or further their career whether within or without the company. …

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