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Have You Got The Courage To Ask?

During the last 16 years I have worked with many great salespeople and they all do one thing more consistently than their colleagues … they ask. If you want to increase your sales and grow your business you need to develop the ability and skill to ask for a variety of things. Ask more qualifying [...]

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Completing the Learning Cycle – and Beyond

Introduction One of the most useful models I have found for understanding the learning cycle is the model described by Thomas Gordon as the “conscious competence learning stage model”. What I plan to do in this article is describe some of the “symptoms” of each part of the cycle, what learners need in this stage [...]

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Five Keys to Setting Attractive Sustainable Goals

We’ve all been there. How many of you have set up new year’s resolutions only to discover that you have slipped after the first week or been to a workshop and sworn that this time you are really going to achieve those dreams you have had at the back of your mind? The following article [...]

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