Carl’s Jr Reveals 10-Year Plan to Open 100 Restaurants in India

One of the biggest conquests a business can have is making its presence felt worldwide. Being able to cater to the global market is a fundamental step to establishing a brand and making it a household name. For businesses and franchises, going international can mean setting the bar high in terms of operations, in order to fulfill the specific need of each market.

International expansion, as termed on a business technical perspective, can provide an enterprise with a world of benefits. It is the way to go for a business that wants to take their capacity for competition a notch higher – and put it to the test. It is important for business owners to understand that all their competitors are thinking of going the global route, and it only makes sense to shoot for the same goal.

It is needless to say that going global means reaching out to more customers, and diverse markets at that. Being able to cater to the needs of consumers of diverse cultures and backgrounds says a lot about a company’s ability to spot a need – or perhaps create one – successfully.Consumers, particularly in developing nations, are actually willing to pay for high quality, known brands that are getting support from other customers in many other parts of the world. The ultimate result (which also makes up the ultimate goal) is an increase in profits.

International expansion prods a business to become more competitive in terms of making better products and offering better service. It paves the way for business versatility. It’s a real way to test the market as well, and find out how the business can be shaped to address their specific need and preference.

In the case of food businesses, particularly franchisers, going global allows them to explore their potential in the other side of the globe. People of different cultures prefer specific types of food, which is why franchisers can expect either a shift in the consumer’s taste, or a need for the business to cater to the market’s preference. In many cases, both scenarios are expected.

For Carl’s Jr., the American burger franchise, India is a highly promising place to be for 100 of their food chains. To this end, the company had announced, as reported in The Hindu Business Line, plans to set up 100 franchises across the country over a span of a decade:

US-based premium burger chain Carl’s Jr has roped in a franchisee partner to open 100 restaurants across India over 10 years.

Carl’s Jr, endorsed by the likes of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Padma Lakshmi, and known for its signature line of charbroiled Thickburgers, has signed up Cybiz Bright Star Restaurants Pvt Ltd owned by Cybiz Corp, as its franchise partner.

Cybiz will invest $10 million into the project and the first 100-seater restaurant will open in New Delhi in February 2015. Sam Chopra, Group Chairman and Founder of Cybiz Corp, told Business Line that the chain will be expanded to other cities in the North in the first two years.

Pointing out that CKE Restaurant Holdings, the parent company of Carl’s Jr had invested $1.5 million in India towards consumer research, product development and tasting trials over the last three years, Chopra said: “We will offer burgers priced between 200 and 400. Nearly 40 per cent of our menu offering is vegetarian with six varieties of veggie burgers for which we have a separate assembly line.”

Carl’s Jr will have to contend with stiff competition from all-American burger brands Fatburger, which has already opened its first 50-seater restaurant in Gurgaon last month and Burger King which plans to enter India later this year.

Asked how Carl’s Jr will stand out against competition from fellow American brands, Chopra said: “Ours is not a mass appeal brand like McDonald’s and Burger King. We are a premium quick service restaurant that offers limited service on tables with freshly cooked food. So, while you order your food and go and pick up your drink, the food will be on served on your table by the time you are back – in three minutes.”

Founded in 1941, Carl’s Jr is the 10th largest quick service restaurant chain in the US.

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