4 Tips to Running a Productive Workforce

In today’s growing economy, more and more businesses are opening every day that employ millions of Americans. With the unemployment rate slowly decreasing, more and more people are starting to get jobs. So how can you tell if the people you hire are going to be a good fit for the company and are going to work hard day in and day out? Well, unfortunately there’s nobody that can answer those questions with a certainty. In the end, a company won’t be able to tell if an employee is truly a hard worker until they see him/her in action. That’s why it’s extremely important to know how to make sure that your workforce stays productive. Here are 4 workforce management tips that every business should strive to employ.

1. Respect
Respect is the most essential value that any business must have. Employees need to respect each other, middle management needs to show respect, upper management needs to show respect, even interns and apprentices need to show respect to each other! Employees must respect each other’s dignity, intelligence, and time. Very often, mid-level managers will find it difficult to pass work on to employees; rather, they’d prefer to just do it themselves. However, that’s not showing respect to their team’s intelligence, and most likely, the manager would have to make extra time to get the task done.

2. Trust
Much like respect, trust is required in order to make your workforce productive. Trust needs to flow down the hierarchy of the business, starting with the CEO and ending with the bottom-level employees. Much like respecting employee’s intelligence, managers and employees alike need to trust each other to get the work assigned done.

3. Motivation
While trust and respect are 2 essential pieces of and optimized workforce, employees need to feel a sense of purpose; they have to be motivated by something. Whether money, time off, a promotion, or just more recognition is given, every employee needs to be working towards something. Many businesses have quarterly reviews with employees to go over their career path and gain insight into what the employee wants out of the company.

4. Culture & Happiness
Without a doubt the most important piece of maintaining a productive workforce is the culture. A company without a culture will never have employees that love their job and love coming in to work every day. For many people seeking jobs, the culture is the most important thing on their mind. “Can I see myself working in an environment like this?” often goes through their heads. From the moment an employee step into the office, s/he should feel a sense of the culture. A company that has a great culture will have employees that love to come in to work, and happy employees are productive employees!

About the author:
Meredith Kimelblatt writes on behalf of Aspect. Aspect builds customer relationships through a combination of contact management, workforce optimization and Microsoft unified communications and collaboration platform solutions, enabling organizations to meet the expectations of today’s consumer through customer contact.
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