3 Reasons to Run Background Checks on Employees

When it comes to hiring employees, we want to make sure we find the best ones out there.  Finding employees that will help out our business as though we would, is essential.  Though finding great employees may seem difficult, one way to weed out the bad ones is through running a simple background check.  Background checks may seem unnecessary at times, but they can definitely help you out in the long run and help you avoid wasting your time with bad employees.

Now, why is running a background check so important?

  1. Check out their entire record. When you run a background check, you’re gaining access to someone’s entire record.  Not only will you be able to find out if they’ve ever gone to jail, but you will also be able to tell if they have a dangerous driving record, if they were on drugs at one point, etc.  Learning about a person’s past is very important when you’re looking to hire an honest, hard-working and trustworthy employee.  Since we only want the best employees, we must first look at their record.
  2. Keep your environment safe. If you’d like to keep your work environment as safe as possible, you must surround your office space and company with safe employees.  Again, background checks will be able to tell if someone has a violent history, if they have any charges against them, etc.  A safe work environment is a happy work environment.  Though someone may be smiling on the outside, they may have a history of stealing money, robbing a company or even worse, dangerous acts against others.
  3. Find the most trustworthy employees. When we’re allowing others to make an impact on our company, we want to find reliable and trustworthy employees.  We want to be able to trust that they will take good care of all our customers and that they keep a good name for our company.  By running a background check, you can make sure their history is clean and that there are only positive markings on their background check.  When someone has a clean record, they are more than likely an innocent person and can be trusted more than the average person.


Though it may seem unnecessary to run background checks on future employees, it’s so important to do so.  Not only can you check out a person’s entire record, but you can keep your work environment safe, and find the most trustworthy and reliable workers.

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Lauren works with Detective Unlimited and helps those looking to get a background check on anyone in the United States.
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