Business Broker Minute: Top 5 Things To Know In Today’s Market

Business Broker Minute: Selling A Business In Today’s Marketplace
Current economic conditions make selling a business a challenging endeavor. Even when sellers price a business to move, many buyers hesitate for fear of adverse conditions such as an economic downturn, changing taxes and new regulations. Unable to do much to change economic and governmental policies, business owners can still take definite steps that will improve their chance of selling their business.

Business Broker: Make a Good First Impression
Someone who buys a business does not want to start with a disaster. Businesses with a physical presence should always be clean, neat and in good repair to make a good impression on prospective buyers. Business owners should have clean and need business records ready for inspection to make an even better impression. When buyers can clearly discern the financial condition of a business, they will feel comfortable about making an offer.

Business Broker: Tie up Loose Ends
Business owners should not allow their business to go into freefall while awaiting a buyer. Instead, they should take some steps to streamline their operations and resolve any festering problems. Trimming the payroll, paying off debts and patching up sour relations with vendors, customers and other stakeholders can prepare a business for sale. If a business seems to have a lot of unresolved issues that affect profitability, prospective buyers will either avoid it or offer to buy it at a reduced price.

Business Broker: Price it Right
In most cases, business owners have only one chance to sell their business to a buyer. After buyers reject the opportunity to buy, they rarely become willing to take another look. Therefore, sellers should make an effort to ask the right price. Business owners can ask for a professional assessment of their business to help determine a fair asking price. They can also check the selling prices of similar businesses in the area to help arrive at a competitive price tag.

Business Broker: Offer Financing
Business owners who can either finance a sale themselves or offer commercial financing plans available on site can encourage buyers to take the plunge. A willingness to help buyers complete the sale often wins the hearts of buyers and makes them willing to pay a higher price. 

Business Broker: How To Hire
Professional business brokers offer services that will guide business owners through the entire sales process. These firms can help with business valuation, marketing, pricing and financing. Because business brokers sell businesses all the time, they can apply successful strategies that can help any business owner make a fast sale.

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Bill Whitehurst has been engaged as a Texas business broker for the past 15 years and has over 100 successfully closed transactions. He has both MBA and BBA degrees and is a certified Business Intermediary with the International Business Brokers Association.
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