When Is the Best Time to Train a New Employee?

The answer to this question may be simple and may seem obvious to many; however it is always good to remember why a company should always train new employees during their first month in the organization.

To incorporate a new employee within a group and help him be successful, it is crucial to get him rolling with the least difficulty.

You don’t want to see a new person inactive and doubtful about trying new things and about actively learning from his errors and from the others around him.

In the same way, you don’t want your new employee to start doing too much only to make a mistake that can really impair his reputation early on.

New employees know everyone is watching over their performance, and extensive early training is the only way to make sure they do not get eaten up by unnecessary stress and are capable of showing their full capacity.

If you’re reading this, you probably know what the hiring process is like, right?

You know what it is like to post a position, read hundreds of resumes, choose the group of qualified candidates, assess their capabilities and skills, interview them two or three times, get feedback from others, and finally make a decision…

What happens if during the first day at the job you discover you hired the wrong person? How do you make up for that?

When dealing with new employees, there has to be someone to help them understand the new environment. They are being bombed with new information coming from everywhere; it is just hitting them too fast and hard. So, they need a source of solid knowledge to help them identify their place and comprehend how they fit in this new environment.

And here’s where an elearning training program becomes very valuable. New staff has to be guided so that they can understand the organization’s culture, and this can be done with a coach and extensive online corporate training. Both offer deep comprehension and a clear picture that will ensure the person’s success.

Then you will have a calm employee that knows the company appreciates him and is taking care of him. He will feel he is valuable and that he has to give that value back.

He will learn the company’s culture, he will understand how it deals with business, and he will grasp what is expected of him. He will recognize his strengths and will be capable of growing with the team. There is no conflict, and communication is clear and honest.

New employees who are correctly trained are strong contributors and reach their full potential much faster because they:

  • Understand the organization’s culture better and quicker
  • Get honest points of view that help them work more efficiently
  • Understand how their manager works and can join him/her in the effort
  • Participate in developing their work plan, with quantifiable goals, so they know the road to success
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