5 Hints that Tell You it’s Time to Look for a New E-Learning Platform

There are as many e-learning alternatives today as there are products in a supermarket. You go grocery shopping and find 15 different brands of teas, 10 brands of salad dressing, and 50 brands of soap… it is the same in the virtual arena of online training and development.

How do you know the e-learning platform you are currently using is the best for your needs? How do you evaluate a course?

Here we give you 5 hints that will tell you if it is time to look for a new e-learning platform:

1. Wrong information in the materials

It doesn’t matter how small the error is, if there is wrong information in any of the materials provided by your e-learning platform, change it ASAP.

You are providing training for your people to make them better and more knowledgeable employees, the last thing you want is to teach them the wrong information.

2.  Unprofessional instructors

A professional instructor will make sure the information he is teaching is updated and exact. They know how to create dynamic classes capable of stimulating all sorts of students.

A professional understands that different people learn in different ways; so, he can make sure the course he is teaching reaches everyone in an effective way.

If your personnel is bored and is not advancing, you are probably dealing with an unprofessional instructor.

3.  Complicated navigation

How easy… or difficult… is it to navigate the platform and the course?

A good platform will have a clean graphic layout capable of guiding the users in a clear way during all three phases: before beginning the course, while taking the course, and after completing it.

If you notice your staff is having trouble navigating the platform, there is a problem, because no matter how technologically advanced… or delayed… they are, everyone should be able to complete any online training course without a hitch.

4.  Very few or no tracking features

The best online corporate training platforms offer lots of ways to track the performance and results of a given course.

You want to know how your employees did on the safety training/IT security training/electrical safety training, right?

A good provider will be eager to offer features that show you how to track the progress and issues your people are having, because it is a way to show its capacity and superiority.

5.  The platform is unstable

How good is a platform that keeps crashing in the middle of a course? How good is a platform that offers a limited variety of courses and features?

A good platform will have stable servers to make sure any course is available when any student wants it and to ensure the user is able to advance fast once inside.

It will also make sure that your people can use the platform with any web browser, to avoid the inconvenience of installing additional software or plug-ins.

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