6 Instances in which eLearning is the Best Option

Today, eLearning solutions are offering new ways to reach difficult audiences. It has been very convenient for many companies and individuals to have this option available to offer courses that, for one reason or another, were out of the reach of many before.

Here we give you 6 examples in which an eLearning solution could be an excellent option:

1.  When you have to train many employees

Let’s say your company is introducing a new product and you have to train everyone on it. In this case, you will save yourself a lot of headaches by creating an online training course that could be accessed by everyone at the same time instead of having to organize different sessions to train every employee in person.

Through e-Learning you can reach a very large number of people at once and in a very affordable way.

2.  When the audience is scattered in several geographic areas

It can be very complicated to gather a whole group of sales personnel working throughout a region, because everyone has different schedules and the costs can be high; however, online training courses solve that problem by allowing flexible training times and locations.

3.  When the learners have very different skill levels

Online training courses can be easily modified to match an employee’s specific skill level. Just by asking a few questions, you can determine if that employee needs to reinforce some basic concepts, allowing you to adapt the course’s content to achieve this.

This is a very practical approach to deal with a big group of learners that have different profiles.

4.  When the learners can’t commit to a fixed schedule

If the group of people you have to train can’t leave their duties for half a day or a full day, eLearning gives you the flexibility you need, because each learner will be able to take the course when they have the time.

5.  When you have to train a new employee

When a new employee is hired, you either:

  • Train him/her as soon as they arrive, or

  • Perform two or three training sessions during a year to train every employee who is hired during that period of time

In the first option, it is very difficult to plan training sessions due to time limitations and the high cost of training a single person.

In the second option, the employees hired several months earlier will have already learned a lot about the company’s operations on-the-job, and this is probably not the best way to train them.

The best option could be to create an online training course that would be completed by every new hire as soon as they start.

6.  When there are not many trainers available

If you don’t have enough coaches to train the amount of people you need to coach, try using online training and development solutions.

As soon as a course is ready and running online, all you have to do is name some tutors and establish tutoring rules.

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