5 Online Tools that Boost Corporate Productivity

If you’re running a small business or are a freelancer working from home to provide for your family, staying productive is an absolute must at all times. However, it can become difficult to feel productive day-in and day-out. Not because we’re incapable, and certainly not because of a lack of effort. Sometimes, staying productive at work becomes difficult and overwhelming because while we set goals for ourselves and our businesses, we don’t always utilize everything at our disposal to help us remain productive. Just like anything else, we must practice productivity in order to achieve the goals we’ve set, both personal and business. If you’re looking for some online tools that will help your company boost its productivity, here are five such tools that will get you on the right track.

Casually referred to as The Suite, FleetSuite is a multi-module software platform. The Suite allows small business owners to manage multiple corporate dealings from one hub. From invoicing and payments, to scheduling and time management to project estimation, FleetSuite is the ultimate all-in-one software platform. The Suite also skips bandwidth-hogging apps that bog down other software platforms during live Web use, so you can rest assured knowing there’s no spyware in FleetSuite, either. The Suite is an integral small business software tool that can be easily accessed from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone from anywhere you have internet connection. Check FleetSuite out today with a 30-day free trial and see just how much The Suite can boost your productivity.

Google Drive
Perhaps the ultimate remote file access tool available, Google Drive allows for instantaneous file transmission and sharing from anywhere around the globe. Right-click your mouse and drag a string of files into an outbound folder and move the folder into your email – Bam! You just sent each of those documents in an email. Drive also offers a wide array of office tools that come in hand when filling in eye-burning spreadsheets and diagrams. Also including Google Docs and a word processor, Google Drive is among the top free online tools available to small business owners today.

If the little monkey face wearing the blue cap looks familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen it before. Already twelve years old and millions of users strong, MailChimp is a web-based platform that helps facilitate massive email traffic loads – yes, massive. Emails trafficked monthly are literally in the billions, so if you had a nickel for each one, well, you get the picture.

Data downloads are a huge part of the machine, plus other offline and online features you may want to take advantage of as well. While MailChimp makes numerous email templates available, you can also design your own template. The extremely user-friendly operation makes MailChimp a superior business software tool. The company goes as far as to give users the option to deactivate the software’s chimp-centric graphics, logo, jokes and all. Though, most users probably don’t mind the “monkey business.”

WePay is a convenient online payment platform used by US-based small business. Boasting a tiered payment program with no recurring monthly charges, WePay provides users with credit card processing, easy online invoicing, and montly payment processing through WePay’s service providers. Businesses which process credit cards are already familiar with the standard 2.9% charge the banks tack on, and like PayPal, WePay adheres to this same structure. However, by accepting bank account-connected payments come with only a 1% overcharge, helping your company keep more money while making it even easier for customers to make purchases.

What’s productivity boosting without Skype? With over 600 million users globally, it’s no surprise Microsoft bought the software in 2011. If makes life easier for average internet users, especially those running their own businesses. Using real-time video conferencing, Skype lets you video chat with up to 25 people at a time, so when you need to hold an eleventh hour meeting with contracted employees around the globe, you’re just a click away from a web conference. Skype allows cost-free peer-to-peer video chat via webcam and PC mic or headset. Skype users can also make calls to cell phones and landlines for a charge. Yet more features enable instant messaging and file transfers, making Skype one of the most user-friendly online tools that promote productivity.

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  1. Arbaz K Says:

    Skype and Google Drive are the two tools that can boost your productivity many folds. If you are running a corporate site or doing some client based business, then these two tools can help you keep track of everything and increase your productivity.

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