Simple Ways to Improve Productivity in the Work Space

Productivity in the work space is something that every business owner, office manager or MD wants. Employees, while they may not know it, also want a productive space that helps them perform at their best.

With a range of tools, processes and innovative strategies out there that all help to boost productivity, it has become easier than ever to generate the right sort of atmosphere that is conducive to work. The trick is deciding which ones are best for your needs.

How to Create a Productive Work Zone
If targets are not up to scratch, and you’re struggling to get your teams up and moving, here are some simple yet highly effective changes to put in place in order to improve productivity levels…

  • Automate time-consuming tasks. These days, with so many amazing tools on the market that help simplify processes and procedures, a number of tasks can be automated. One such example that will go a long way in cutting down on wasted time (while also making things far easier all-round) is document control software. This tool helps you manage your documents electronically, with features ranging from version control all the way to tracking. No more chasing after Bob from accounting to sign off on that fourth version of your annual financial report… that still needs to have final review and approval from the financial manager and senior partners.
  • Simplify your processes. Often, time is wasted when there are no clear processes in place. Some people may not know what it is they are meant to be doing, or who they are meant to report to. Others may have misread their task instructions, and will need added time to revise the work they have already done incorrectly. Taking a bit of time now to review and revise your processes will save you a great deal of time in the long run.
  • Keep your teams motivated. By the time Friday lunchtime rolls around, most people are already halfway out of the offices… at least in terms of their focus. But motivation is more than just finding energy after a busy week. There is no doubt that motived, inspired teams are more productive – how to generate that level of involvement is not always as simple however. Incentives don’t always have to be money-driven – fostering a culture of responsibility, involvement, communication and reward/recognition however is the best way to get through those long Friday afternoons and the even longer Monday mornings.

As a final note, it’s also worth considering the root causes of a lack of productivity. Often, causes could be from a lack of training, a lack of understanding (see point on processes to prevent this happening as often), poor management or even boredom.

People of course are not factory machines, and there are many other underlying causes behind the more apparent causes. But investing in your employees, giving them the training they may need, taking the time to find out why they are not performing and making it easier for them to do their jobs are all vital steps in the move towards a productive, prosperous work space.

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Christopher Stainow is Chief Executive of Lennox Hill; creators of isoTracker Total Quality Management System & hosted Document Control Software.
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