Great Team Meeting Icebreakers For Small Groups

When you are working on a team project, be it for a team meeting, school or for your job, you are often forced to work with people you don’t know very well, if at all.

In these instances, some good team icebreakers can really go a long way to improving the educational experience of all involved. Good team meeting planning involves including icebreakers to get your team to become friends.

Not only do they allow team members to introduce themselves to one another, they are also a great way to build team chemistry. This will allow your team to function more freely and efficiently, giving you a better output and learn more.

Below, we will explain some great team icebreakers that have been proven to work. Read on and learn.

#1 – Name That Person Meeting Icebreaker
This is a fun game that is great for both the classroom, board room, monthly sales meeting and the workplace.

Divide your group into two separate teams and have each individual write down five facts about themselves on a card. Collect all the cards into two piles (one for each team) and have one team member draw a card from the opponent’s pile. Each team should try and guess the opposing members’ card with as few clues as possible. The sooner you guess correctly, the more points you get.

For example, a team guesses correctly after the first clue, they would get five points. Guessing correctly after two clues would get four points and so on. The team with the most points when all the cards have been used wins. This is a fun and engaging game that allows the entire group to learn more about one another.

#2 – Telling Tall Stories At Team Meetings
This is a fun exercise that helps bring out the creativity of your group. It starts with the team leader telling a story.

You only want to start a few sentences to this story and then end with the word “SUDDENLY.”  The next person then adds a few sentences to the story ending it the same way…. “SUDDENLY.”

The story continues until everyone has contributed. For added fun, record this story telling session and play it back for the group when you are done.

#3 – Supermarket Shopping Memory Game
Many of you have played a version of this game at some point in your lives.

It starts with the first player saying “I went to the supermarket to buy an Avocado (or any item that starts with the letter A). The next player then repeats the sentence and adds a supermarket item beginning with the letter B.

For example the next person would say “I went to the supermarket to buy an Avocado and some Broccoli.”

This goes on until you reach the end of the alphabet or until someone or everyone can not remember all the items they went to the store for!

Have Fun At Meetings & They Will Return!
While these may sound juvenile to read, actually they are very effective at getting your group more comfortable.  A fun team meeting means everyone comes back next time. When they make friends it further reenforces their resolve to attend the next team meeting.

Try them out and don’t forget to have fun!

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