5 Simple & Free Motivators

Part of the role for the management level within a company is to show great leadership in the areas of motivation. However with the influx of cash incentives, early finishes and boring name on frames as rewards has resulted in motivation starting to slack.

However if you’re a small company and can’t really afford the prospects of offering cash as incentive or having competitions that involve gigantic holiday give-away’s you’ll have to start getting creative.

We’ve got 5 easy motivators that can be incorporated tomorrow, best of all they are free!

#1 Face Time with the Boss
Many employees fear the idea of spending extra time with the boss; they assume that they’ll be fired there and then regardless of what they say.

Ensure that there is in fact a worthwhile agenda to discuss, both from the boss and the team so not to waste time. Give everyone time to consider what their thoughts are and what they want to say too.

It’s great for the boss too as they can build rapport and break barriers between them and the team, this is vital for any style of business growth.

#2 Mobile Office
The mobile office or opportunity to telecommute from home is increasingly getting to the top of every team members wish list. It’s just incredibly helpful for them, they don’t have to stress about the little things such as transport, child care, cleaning, cooking etc & you don’t have to worry about excess payments or letting people go.

Cutting costs and increasing margins is important; this is one of the easiest ways to do it so consider it. Besides a team member with fewer stresses in life will become one of the most productive as their mind in on one thing – business.

#3 Please & Thank You
Many of us are guilty for not being polite or taking time to ensure we say these words but sometimes in a moment of despair or whilst rushing around that all goes out the window.

Putting effort into remembering these simple words will have huge benefits in the long run for you and your team. It’s a barrier breaker to say the least as you break the mould of a miserable sales manager or at least too high and mighty to speak to the sales team.

It’s a habit so it’ll take some effort and time to get into it, chase people down if you forget and ensure they know you mean it. The simple things are sometimes the best motivators.

#4 Allow Creative Thinking
Management training a lot of the times doesn’t put this into consideration at all, the idea that the majority of employees have some sort of idea or creative solution to a problem they tend to encounter.

Being a sales professional you are always focused on creating a solution for the clients problems, yet we seem to seriously mismanage the problems that appear within the company. Since the sales team and always in direct contact with the customer they know and see what the problems are but due to management protocol, they don’t listen.

Giving the chance and freedom to bring up ideas and to innovate is essential for the team to feel motivated especially if they are the reason a major problem gets fixed.

#5 Meals with Innovators & Decision Makers
This is a bit like meeting with the boss, however having a meeting with an innovator present too means ideas can be evaluated and pivoted to become viable.

Innovators have experience that the sales team may lack, give them the opportunity to meet and chat and chances are they’ll have some great ideas.

About the author:
At a young age Marius has had some part in a business venture, making money to pay for sweets was the usual motivation behind it. After spending some time learning the art of marketing and starting an online venture he joined the team at TST. It is now his duty to help TST grow into an exceptional online presence offering the best information and user experience the web has seen.
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