Small Business For Mit Romney shares the results of a survey conducted around the first week of August by  The respondents are about 2,000 small business owners who were asked what political issue affects their small businesses.  Twenty percent of the respondents answered health care and tax policy as having the most impact on their companies.  Other pressing concerns for these business owners are government regulation, availability and access to loans, the budget deficit, unemployment, payroll tax and others.  Sixty one percent of the respondents would vote for Mitt Romney for president in the November polls and 10% still undecided.  The choice of Rep. Paul Ryan as Romney’s vice presidential candidate only influenced 5% of the respondents to choose Romney.  Fifty-four percent believe that the Republicans are supportive of small businesses.

What political issue is most crucial to the health of your small business?

Health care and tax policy will have the biggest impact on small businesses, according to a survey conducted for the small-business community between July 31 and Aug. 8. Approximately one in five of the nearly 2,000 small-business owners surveyed said that either health care or tax policy had the greatest impact on their business when it came to political issues.

Here is a list of the other issues that small-business owners care about along with the percentage of respondents who said that issue was the most pressing for their business:

  • Government regulation — 16 percent
  • Access to credit/ability to get a loan — 11 percent
  • Budget deficit — 9 percent
  • Unemployment — 9 percent
  • Payroll tax — 3 percent
  • Other — 11 percent

If the election were up to small-business owners, then Mitt Romney would be the next U.S. President, with approximately six in 10 surveyed saying they would vote for the former Massachusetts governor, according to the survey results.

Romney’s selection of Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) has succeeded in energizing the conservative and Democratic base voters. But for small-business owners, who already largely leaned toward Romney, his arrival on the Republican ticket moved the voter needle only slightly, Manta’s survey results show.

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