Small Business News: Does Obama Know How To Create Jobs?

Fox Business released the video and transcript of IFA President Steve Caldeira’s interview criticizing U.S. President Barack Obama’s tax policies.  Caldeira laments the president’s “legendary” neglect of the job problem in the nation.  He does not buy the president’s argument that he’s been too busy to meet the Jobs council.  He says the president just does not understand the perspective of small businesses to create and sustain jobs in the country.  Small businesses create 65% of the new jobs in America according to statistics from the Department of Labor.  Caldeira further adds that for three and a half years of Obama’s administration, small businesses had been under assault.

The U.S. economy added a disappointing 80,000 jobs in June, according to a report released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This keeps the unemployment rate at stagnant 8.2 percent for the second month in a row and could mean trouble for President Barack Obama.

Voters continue to list the economy as No. 1 on their list of concerns this election season, and lackluster job growth makes it difficult for President Obama to convince Americans he has what it takes to propel the economy forward. Despite Obama’s recent victory in the Supreme Court’s upholding of his landmark healthcare legislation, his public support of gay marriage, and his announcement of a sweeping deportation stay policy for undocumented immigrants, Americans continue to have a one-track mind on presidential policy: They want an improved economy.

In response to the report, Obama said at a campaign stop in Ohio on Friday:

It’s still tough out there. We learned this morning that our businesses created 84,000 new jobs last month and that means overall businesses have created 4.4 million new jobs over the past 28 months, including 500,000 new manufacturing jobs. That’s a step in the right direction. But we can’t be satisfied.

Obama went on to say Washington politics were to blame for the lack of progress.

“What’s holding us back right now is not that we don’t have good answers for how we could grow the economy faster or put more people back to work,” he said. “The problem is we’ve got a stalemate in Washington. We’ve got two fundamentally different ideas about where we should take the country and this election is about how we break that stalemate.”

In response to Romney’s claims that a businessman would make a better president, the Obama campaign continues to paint Romney as an out of touch millionaire who can’t relate to Americans. The Obama campaign also continues to slam Romney for failing to propose concrete alternative policies to things like immigration and healthcare …

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