Getting to Grips with SEO or CRO

Search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation are a necessity for any online business. It involves a lot of hard work designing and developing a website, but SEO and CRO are an additional battle. Your site might look fantastic, sell unique products and be affordable, however if no one knows you exist and your website is designed in such a way that customers don’t feel they trust you enough to part with their money, you are denying yourself business growth and profit.

SEO and CRO companies can be costly, with reason too. A good company can make huge improvements to your website, increase your profits dramatically, and generally do what it takes to get your business to be a success online.

There are basic steps you can take to make sure your website is the best you can make it, without investing in professional help, in the early days your business budget might not allow for this vital help.

Make sure your site has content…

Make sure you website has plenty of original and relevant descriptive text about your products, your business, and what it is your offer. Google will pull your site out in searches based upon what it ‘reads’ from your site, so give it plenty in order to find you. Many build site with images with little text, or place wording within images, this essentially means your site is invisible to Google.

Invest in good photography…

Photography is the only means you have to really show your product off to customers. In order to convert them to actual paying customers, you want to remove all reason why they might not purchase from you. Make sure your photographs are clear, show the product at different angles, in different settings and basically get exactly what it is across to your customer. Blurry pixelated images will not represent your business well, and won’t lead to sales.

Make sure you have good hosting…

Hosting is very important. You need to make sure your site has a fast response time. This is something Google values. Not only that customers are easily bored and will leave your site given any reason, so don’t give any reasons for them to do so. Remember your competitors are a click away.

Make sure your hosting is fast, and won’t go down for periods of time. If your site disappears, people quickly lose trust and your reputation is at risk, let alone profit.

Write blogs and get into social media…

Social media is a huge bonus to your business; it means you can target a wide range of potential customers in one place. You can also place links to your website so that your fans/followers visit your site and could lead to custom.

Blogging is a great way to keep your customers informed, but mainly it indicates to search engines that your site is very much up to date and active. It also means you can add more and more content and allows your site to be captured in more and more searches.

Invest in website testing…

You must receive website feedback, whether initially it’s from friends and family, make sure you ask people to critique your site. Spelling mistakes, broken links or poor images can be a big turn off. Your friends and family can spot these mistakes more easily with fresh eyes. Be prepared to make tweaks along the way and respond to suggestions. Your site always has the capacity to be better no matter how developed it is.

There are companies who can provide you with a user testing report. They can assess your site and give you good feedback and tips. They will have experience rating a variety of sites, so may be able to give your great suggestions.

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