10 Tips to Succeed in the Business You Love

Starting a business is a daunting task. Without the passion for the business and its products or services, you may feel overwhelmed by the challenges you face day in and out. To increase your chances of success, you have to love what you do. Choose to work with talented people who help you develop and grow the business. Listen to customer feedback and suggestions. Do not be distracted and discouraged by setbacks. Be focused and work hard. Deal with your customers honestly. Live your company’s vision. Be open to new ideas; research and find ways to improve your products. Most importantly, have fun!  Here are some tips to combine business and what you love doing by Matthew Larson as told to FastCompany.com.

Matthew Larson is the chief of product design for one of the surf industry’s most exciting new brands, Matuse. Through the following 10 ideas, you’ll learn how Matt has combined his love for surfing and design while building a company he loves.

1. Pay attention. Your next move might be on the end of your nose.

Larson continues to work at the iconic La Jolla surf shop, Mitch’s. Customers wanted more from their products and wanted to be educated about what they were purchasing. This is where Matuse was born.

Working on the floor, Matt is the eyes and ears of Matuse and understands what the customers are saying, thinking, and experiencing with his products.

2. Surround yourself with smart people with different skills.

3. Take time to design your business.

4. Let the challenges of business bond you.

Larson loves what he does and believes that when you start a business you need to have that passion to get through all of the long hours and stress. At the end of the day, loving what you do is essential.

5. Stick with it. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

6. Move to the beat of a different drum.

Matuse has developed the crème de la crème of limestone rubber with the Yamamoto Corporation from Osaka, Japan. They call it “Geoprene,” a titanium-coated, limestone-based rubber that is not only functionally superior (it’s warmer, lighter, dries faster, and lasts longer), but it’s also more sustainable and kinder to Mother Nature.

7. Your brand is a pledge.

The pledge is a company’s expectation for something to perform the way it should, to look a particular way, and to deliver on the trust a consumer invests.

8. Powerfully express your values.

9. Use everything that you’ve been taught.

His prior experiences helped him develop better interpersonal skills, organizational tools, and also improved his multi-tasking abilities.

10. Stay curious and you’ll stay young forever. …

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