What Targets Should I Be Setting For My Marketing?

I know in my own business that I ALWAYS do better each month if I set some targets for my marketing. If I’ve got goals to aim for, I know where I am and I can try to achieve them. 

So my targets for this month for instance are:

  • 1 x meeting in the diary every week
  • 1 x new client every week
  • 1 x networking event every week

Because I’m clear on what I’m striving to achieve, I can aim for these and know whether I’ve done them. 

To put some meat around the bones on these targets, one meeting each week is with a potential customer – someone who is looking to use our services. This can be over the phone or face to face – it doesn’t really matter. These meetings can also be with past customers too. So for instance this week, I have had a phone meeting with a past potential client and a meeting with a past customer. 

One new client each week means a client who is willing to give us more work. This could either be a new client, an existing one who wants to give us more business or a past client who wants to come back on board with us. 

One networking event every week is pretty self explanatory really. But for me, this isn’t only about going along to the event; it’s also about making sure that you follow up after each networking event too as that’s where the power of networking is. 

As well as these main targets, I also have goals in place that are going to help me to achieve these targets. So other things that I do are things like:

  • To follow-up with 2 x potential clients by email or phone each day
  • To post 6 social networking posts per day
  • Send out at least one piece of email marketing per week
  • Contact 5 x past clients each week

And so on…

If I’m trying to achieve the goals that I’ve set for myself each month then I’m going to do whatever I need to, to get there and these small goals help keep me on track and make sure I’m heading in the right direction.

Just in case that wasn’t enough, I also usually work on a project each month too – so for this month, it’s our programme on Emails that Sell.

Because I find working on a project hard work usually, I keep myself motivated with this writing about how it’s going on our membership site. This helps members as it gives them an insight into how I work and what’s going on within my business and it makes sure that I actually do something on my project each week so I’ve got something to write about!

So, what targets should you be setting for your own marketing?

Well I would suggest setting firm targets and goals about what you’d like to achieve within your business. If your focus is on getting more sales, your targets should focus on helping you to achieve this objective. If your focus on the other hand is about getting something like your website up and running, then you need to set small targets around this.

If you’re not currently setting targets and goals for your business, try it and see whether it makes a difference for you.

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Exceptional Thinking provides advice and help to small businesses on their marketing and to people setting up in business.
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