Three Common Marketing Mistakes

All businesses make marketing mistakes. By identifying some of the most common mistakes, you will be more likely to avoid these mistakes in your business.

#1 My Clients Want My Service / Product: Assuming that your clients want your products and service is an exercise in blind optimism. Just because you’ve created an ingenious product or offer a one-of-a-kind service, does not mean people want it. You must prove to yourself that your clients want what you are offering by first finding out what your target market really wants and needs.

#2 Inconsistent Effort: One of the biggest challenges of service-oriented businesses is to market consistently. As part of your marketing strategy, commit to setting aside a minimum amount of time each day where you will engage in marketing activities.

#3 Offer Multiple Services: Being clear with yourself about what you do is the first step in being clear with your target market about what you do. Are you a jack of all trades or do you offer a specialty service or product? Instead of marketing all of your services, try marketing just one of them.

Action Step: Take this week to examine your marketing efforts to ensure you are not committing any of the above marketing mistakes. To learn more about the evolution of your business and how to progress to the next phase, check out our website to access FREE business tools and downloads.

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