Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs

Have you ever wondered what the highest paying jobs are and how to get them? Finding this out is not very difficult, but we would like to save you some time. Further down in this article, you will find a list of 10 highest paying jobs, along with the most important information and advice on the characteristics and requirements for such jobs.

What are the Ten Highest Paying Jobs in 2009?
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, top highest paying jobs in the U.S. in 2009 are:

  1. Surgeons – $206,770
  2. Anesthesiologists – $197,570
  3. Orthodontists – $194,930
  4. Obstetrician and gynecologists – $192,780
  5. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons – $190,420
  6. General Internists – $176,740
  7. Prosthodontists – $168,810
  8. Other Physicians and Surgeons – $165,000
  9. Family and General Practitioners – $161,490
  10. Chief Executives – $160,440

As you can see, all professions except one lie within the medical field. It is not surprising as the health care sector is both highly lucrative and largely immune to economic downturns, such as the one we are experiencing now. However, getting such jobs is not easy – to begin your medical career, you would first have to spend eight to twelve years in a medical school, which is one of the most demanding places to study in. School loans are also going to be extensive. In addition, almost any position in the medical industry, especially if it is among the highest paying jobs, can be extremely challenging and risky, as human lives can literally be in your hands.

For these and many other reasons such high pay jobs, though attractive at first sight, are not the best match for many individuals. The rewards that these jobs offer may not be worth the challenges they entail. But what about the job which sits modestly at the bottom of the list of the 10 highest paying jobs?

Best Jobs In The World
Some people may argue that a list of top highest paying jobs can be deceptive. Indeed, there is a grain of truth in such a statement. This is especially the case when entrepreneurial careers are concerned – for instance, according to the above list, Chief Executives earn around $160,000 a year. However, in addition to their official salaries, these professionals can get annual multi-million dollar bonuses, as well as a variety of other benefits.

Running a business can be challenging, but it is extremely rewarding. You get the freedom to make your own decisions, earn rewards for your insight and efforts, and contribute to the well being of society. These are just some of the reasons why entrepreneurs describe their jobs as the best in the world.

The sky is really the limit to what you could achieve as an entrepreneur. Consider Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or John Rockefeller, to take one of the classic examples – the financial and personal rewards they received from running their businesses clearly surpassed those associated with other high pay jobs.

You do not necessarily have to spend a decade in a medical school to get one of the top highest paying jobs – instead you can start a business or buy an already established venture. By running a business, you would be able to realize your ambitions and do something that really interests and drives you. Why not create your own job and be able to achieve everything you have ever dreamed of?

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