List of 9 Types of Entrepreneurs

Personalities and Entrepreneurship
As any business owner knows, it takes a certain type of person to operate a successful business.  But did you know that experts have identified as many as nine different kinds of personalities that apply to entrepreneurship?  By looking at any list of entrepreneurs – business owners who have built successful companies from scratch – you can match at least one of the following traits to each of them.

Nine Types of Entrepreneurs
By knowing which kind of an entrepreneur you are, you will find greater success by knowing what kind of business you should operate.

1. The Developer
Your intention to run your own company involves using it as a means for improving the planet, helping humanity, or simply making life easier for the general populace.  This field runs the gamut from healthcare to creating new personal products (healthier food or a soothing body spray), and it is your belief that morally upstanding companies will reap great rewards for working on worthwhile causes.

2. The Advisor
By offering a high level of customer service in the form of outstanding assistance and advice, no matter what kind of product or service you sell, you will satisfy people’s need and build a great company.  Any business founded by this type of personality invariably ends up as a customer-focused enterprise.

3. The Magnetic Personality
Individuals with immense levels of high energy and charisma have the ability to attract equally committed workers who help them build important businesses.  Although there is a “workaholic” element to this type that can be detrimental if left unchecked, some of the world’s greatest companies have been founded by superstar entrepreneurs.

4. The Creative
Artistic types are usually involved in founding companies that exploit their creative sensibilities – ad agencies, architectural firms, Web design companies, and so on.  When creative people hire others with a similar outlook on life, the sky is the limit when it comes to entrepreneurial success.

5. The Futurist
Having a visionary leader at the helm of a company means that great things are oftentimes on the horizon.  Although these people need to surround themselves with others whose feet are firmly planted on the ground – great ideas are wonderful, but you need someone to turn them into reality – some of the greatest inventions ever developed have come from companies led by a person with a clear plan for the future.

6. The Thinker
People who excel in science, math, or engineering fall into this category.  They are always thinking through every possibility to determine which path to take, whether that involves choosing the proper ad campaign or hiring the right administrative assistant.  If you are always looking to solve problems through the use of unique and interesting solutions, you are definitely a Thinker.

7. The Optimist
Energetic and a ball of fire, Optimists create companies where people love to work and that clients love to patronize.  While it’s always possible to be too optimistic – over-committing your company to a new project, for example – you can balance that inclination by some good old-fashioned sensible business planning.

8. The Communicator
Individuals with highly honed interpersonal communication skills are ideal entrepreneurs, mainly because they know how to talk about their business and “talk up” its advantages over the competition.  They invariably do a great job of training the people who work for them to be good communicators as well.

9. The Organizer
Administrative skills are second nature to this entrepreneurial type.  People who fall into this category usually do their best work behind the scenes, leaving face time to underlings who relate better to the public.  A drawback to having this personality involves always wanting to control every aspect of the business, but you can easily overcome this by hiring people you trust as well as those who will listen to your suggestions.

List of Entrepreneurs
Here is a list of well-known entrepreneurs and the categories each represents:

  • Anita Roddick (founder of The Body Shop) - Developer
  • John Nordstrom (department store magnate) - Advisor
  • Donald Trump (real estate developer and casino owner) - Magnetic Personality
  • Scott Adams (Dilbert cartoonist) - Creative
  • Bill Gates (Mr. Microsoft) - Futurist
  • Gordon Moore (founder of Intel) - Thinker
  • Malcolm Forbes (magazine publisher) - Optimist
  • Nathaniel Merrill (founder of Opera Colorado) - Communicator
  • Ben Cohen (co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream) – Organizer

Closing Question
Which of the nine types of entrepreneurs are you?

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    It stands to good reason that Bill Gates is a Futurist. That is one word that sure sums the man up! Personally I’ve got a Developer type personality. I really would love to save the world for our children and the children of our children. The correct fusion of technology and organic principles and the sky is the limit!

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