Top YouTube Channels for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

In this digital age, smart strategies are a must for marketers to leverage such advancements. More and more customers are now shifting to computer viewing, and less focused on television. The Internet has permeated the lives of people from all walks of life – business owners included.

Regardless of the industry, type or size of an enterprise, utilization of the modern techniques for advertising and marketing can make a lot of difference. The positive effects of “being found” online are clearly demonstrated by industry leaders, who continue to dominate the market by being able to reach out to their customers. The digital age has indeed taken “connecting with customers”, as experts put it, to greater heights.

Talking about the digital era, YouTube is one of its most revolutionary platforms raking in views of more than 2 billion views each day. The second most frequently visited website, YouTube has gone beyond the video sharing phase. Over the years, the platform has evolved into one of the most indispensable and important tools mainly because of its reach

Unlike most other online platforms for business advertising or marketing, YouTube takes advantage of the fact that people tend to better enjoy or pay more attention to something that they can see, read and hear – all at the same time. Reading website pages is enjoyable and informative, but the visuals add to that appeal and allow advertisers and marketers to tweak their presentation to suit their audience. There is bigger room for creativity with YouTube, and when that creativity captures its audience, viewers will definitely want to see it over and over again.

Much as YouTube is considered a platform for marketing and advertising for invaluable business benefits, it has also become an online tool for entrepreneurs to learn what they need to when it comes to running the business. This way, a business is able to share significant information and tips, while also widening networks and solidifying its presence online.

YouTube enables businesses to set up their own channels to house useful data or advice on business to provide viewers with the type of information they need. Much like a website, a YouTube channel should be maintained in order or it to stay relevant and keep the viewers coming. With its content fully organized, a YouTube business channel can rake in loyal followers and subscribers –which in turn can do wonders for the enterprise.

Small Business Trends features the top business channels on YouTube, and what they offer for both businesses and clients:

Marie TV by Marie Forleo regularly serves up her own advice and answer’s viewer’s questions on Marie TV about how to create the business and lifestyle you really crave.

Behind the Brand offers a behind-the-scenes look into some of the world’s most successful brands by host Bryan Elliott.

This Week in Startups includes a weekly roundup of the news stories that affect small, web-based companies by entrepreneur Jason Calacanis.

Startup Grind is a global community of entrepreneurs and professionals. describes itself as “free project management training at your fingertips.”

Stanford Business by The Stanford Graduate School of Business aims to help create ideas and offer a greater understanding of business and management.

Columbia Business aims to educate young business leaders, based on Columbia’s business programs.

Berkeley HAAS by The Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley produces videos that include lessons from business professors and innovators in their fields on Berkeley HAAS.

Y Combinator features videos from public Y Combinator events.

Pando Daily or PandoTV features interviews with entrepreneurs, investors, and other innovators.

Entrepreneur Online features news, expert advice, and growth strategies as the video complement to Entrepreneur Magazine.

Alanis Business Academy provides video lessons on business topics ranging from economics and accounting to management and employee motivation.

Google+ Your Business focuses on Google’s business solutions.

TED shares the best ideas from TED conferences in video form.

O’ Reilly Media focuses on tech innovators.

Gary Vaynerchuck is an author, wine expert, and serial entrepreneur with a channel that features marketing and social media, along with question and answer videos that feature input from viewers.

Prosperity TV by Randy Gage shares video tips for people looking to find success and prosperity in life.

INC provides tips and insights, and helps business owners and professionals overcome almost any type of business obstacle.

Moz includes resources and tips related to online marketing.

James Wedmore specializes in video and other online marketing tactics.

Derek Halpern says businesses need to understand psychology and human behavior in order to really succeed.

Brian Tracy is an author and speaker whose videos focus on both personal and business success.

Dave Ramsey, author and radio and TV personality, shares financial and money management tips that can be relevant to both businesses and individuals.

US Small Business Administration is the official YouTube channel of the US Small Business Administration includes webinars, business tips, and information about SBA programs.

Business Insider includes tutorials, information about tech gadgets, and other lessons about business and life.

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