Jamba Juice Mobile Loyalty Program Gets Over 1 Million Signups

Because life’s luxuries are now very hard to come by, everyone wants to get the best value for their every purchase. It’s no secret how customers can easily switch from a product or a brand to another – and the world of choices out there makes it incredibly easy for them to do this. As a business owner, you want to put a stop to that. You want your customers to stick to being your customer.

For this reason, setting up a grand scheme to have customers continuously want your product is imperative. You want your existing buyers to remain loyal, while also gathering more people to make your business a part of their daily life.

This is why quality loyalty programs are powerful. They are marketing schemes that are rooted in the principle of keeping customers interested in a product or service, or in the business for that matter. Given the stiffening competition in the market, the heightening demand for better standards and the ever-changing customer behavior, there is a need to innovate and keep each customer happy.

Loyalty programs are one of the top modern-day strategies where companies are now implementing to win the loyalty of their customers and keep a top-of-mind brand. Gone are the days when customers are easily attracted to price-cut promos and low-priced package deals. Smart buyers now prefer to be recognized and appreciated for choosing your product or service – and they want a reward for that, which loyalty programs ultimately provide.

Jumping in the customer retention technique bandwagon is Jamba Juice, a health smoothie chain with now over 800 franchises in 26 American states and other parts of the globe. Keeping up with the digital era, the company has used SMS and email to offer customized deals and freebies based on the customer’s purchasing behavior.

When Jamba Juice partnered with Isis in 2013, the smoothie giant convinced customers in the United States to use the mobile wallet for payment and get a free drink in return. In the second quarter of this year, signups to the Jamba Juice loyalty program and transactions via the Isis mobile wallet have both reached the 1 million mark.

Execs and leaders behind the brand share their success to Mobile Commerce Daily:

The key is that we are not afraid to try new things,” said Julie S. Washington, senior vice president and chief brand officer at Jamba Juice, Cincinnati. “Our company has a mindset toward innovation and we can move quickly and set up a pilot program to test innovative technologies. Our more than 800 stores make a perfect learning lab for testing new approaches.”

“We are obviously very pleased with the rate at which consumers signed up for our Insider Rewards loyalty program,” Ms. Washington said. “We believe it speaks to the high level of affinity our customers have for the brand as well as the ease with which they can sign in.

“We view our one million free juices and smoothie giveaway as a huge success and a win-win for us and for the mobile carriers who make up Isis. The campaign was a great way to leverage mobile to attract new customers while rewarding those who have been loyal Jamba fans for some time.”

Photo by:tom.arthur

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