How to Balance Entrepreneurship and Parenthood shares with its readers the advice of successful young entrepreneurs on how to handle growing children and a growing business.  Erin Blaskie says you have to be flexible despite having a schedule for small crises, especially with children, that may crop up.  Aron Schoenfeld says you should know your priorities.  A supportive family means a happy worker.  Lea Woodward says, enjoy the NOW.  Focus on the moment, whether at home or at work, Jordan Guernsey pipes in.  Brant Bukowsky says, put down the iPhone when at home.  “Leaving work at work and leaving family at home may prove to be the best way to stay 100% focused on each,” contributes Carmen Benitez.

1. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

The key is to schedule out as much as you can but maintain some flexibility. –Erin Blaskie, BSETC

2. Prioritizing Your Life

While your job is important, so is your family. You need to make your schedule so that you have family time. Your family’s support will make your work better.
–Aron Schoenfeld, Do It in Person

3. Enjoy Each Moment

Whether you’re working on your start-up or playing with your kids, instead of always thinking about what’s next or what you’ve not done yet, invest in and enjoy every single moment. –Lea Woodward, Startup Training School

4. Hire for Home and Work

Your home team will ideally include a supportive spouse who also has a somewhat flexible job, as well as a trusted caregiver who is on the same page regarding how your children are to be raised. –Alexandra Levit, Inspiration at Work

5. Date Your Kids!

In the evenings, I make a point of getting home in time to cuddle and interact with Ella before humming her to sleep. I guard these dates on my calendar like important business meetings.
–Kevon Saber, Stealth

6. Just Do It!

The fact is, to take the plunge of launching a new business, you need to have the chops to get up at 5 a.m. with a crying baby, help clean up after dinner, and still find a way to hustle at work.
–Joe Cassara, You Need My Guy

7. Compartmentalize Everything

We spend hordes of time trying to balance work and life when sometimes, learning to compartmentalize the two is the better method. Leaving work at work and leaving family at home may prove to be the best way to stay 100% focused on each.
–Carmen Benitez, Fetch Plus

8. Use Your Time Wisely

I try to get a lot done during naps and while my little guy is in bed at night.
–Tim Jahn, Entrepreneurs Unpluggd…

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