10 Tips on Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

We often equate entrepreneurial success with innovative thinking and breakthrough ideas.  Yes, these factors contribute a lot, but Naveen Jain in his article at Inc.com says there is a lot more you, an entrepreneur, need to be successful.  You need to believe in what you are doing.  You and your team should be passionate and be willing to go the extra mile, channeling your waking hours and more to achieve your goal.  Be patient and work hard.  Jain says, “luck comes to those who work hard”.  Give your best effort.  Manage to have fun along the way.  Be flexible to adapt to changes that may crop up while remaining persistent and focused on your goal.

1.  You must be passionate about what you are trying to achieve.
Passion will ignite the same intensity in others who join you as you build a team to succeed in this endeavor.

2.  Great entrepreneurs focus intensely on an opportunity where others see nothing.
This focus and intensity help eliminate wasted effort and distractions.

3.  Success comes only from hard work.
Behind every overnight success lie years of hard work and sweat. People with luck will tell you there’s no easy way to achieve success–and that luck comes to those who work hard. Successful entrepreneurs always give 100% of their efforts to everything they do. Focus on things you can control; stay focused on your efforts, and let the results be what they will be.

4.  The road to success is going to be long, so remember to enjoy the journey.
Everyone will teach you to focus on goals, but successful people focus on the journey and celebrate the milestones along the way. Wouldn’t it be better for all of you to have the time of your life during the journey, even if the destination is never reached?

5.  Trust your gut instinct more than any spreadsheet.
Our heart is more like a chemical computer that uses fuzzy logic to analyze information that can’t be easily defined in zeros and ones. We’ve all had experiences in business where our heart told us something was wrong while our brain was still trying to use logic to figure it all out …

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