Create Blog Engagement With Contests

Engagement on your website is important for your page ranking in Google. The more your fans engage with your blog, the better your page looks in the eyes of the search engines.

One of the most generic but effective business blog tips is to find ways to generate new traffic and keep the repeat traffic flowing to your blog site. In some cases, that is easier said than done. One of the ways to help generate and maintain blog traffic is to use contests or sweepstakes to get people’s interest. If you do it right, then you should start seeing new web traffic from customer referrals as well as search engine traffic.

Before you start putting contests on your business blog, there are a few quick rules you should follow that will help you to realize maximum success.

Once You Start Doing Contests, Keep Doing Contests
A one-time contest may generate a little interest, but if you maintain a constant flow of contests, then that will help to bring a lot of new and repeat traffic. Remember that your contests do not need to be filled with elaborate prizes. You can have a constant flow of smaller prizes that all lead up to a larger sweepstakes if you would like. The important thing is to keep the contests coming if you want them to positively affect your traffic.

Use Popular Prizes
Experts that give business blog tips will tell you that it always best to give the people what they want rather than trying to force something onto the public. When you develop blog contests, you should always use prizes that people will want. It can seem like a common sense tip, but too many businesses try to give away their own products as prizes without first generating interest in their products. Once you draw traffic to your blog through contests using popular prizes, then you can increase the exposure of your own products.

Tie The Contests Into Your Company Products Or Opportunity
You should always try to tie your contests in with your company. If you can customize the prizes by putting your company logo on them, then that works out well. Any way that you can remind people of where they won the prize works to your advantage.

Remember Business First
One of the challenges in using contests to get traffic to your blog is using too many contests and having your business content get lost among the contests. Your blog should make it easy for people to find information on your contests, but you should always make sure to separate your contest pages from your business content. You need to use the contests to draw people to your blog and then put your business information up front so they see that content first.

Contests are great ways to draw traffic to your business blog. Once you establish a reputation for having great contests, you can then draw people to your blog to read about your business.

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