Complainers are Destroying your Brain!

We all know someone that complains just way too much, it could be a professional colleague or an old friend. Those same people become famous for that nasty habit that everyone hates, constantly complaining about everything.

However you now have a great excuse to not listen to them, the excuse is that they are making you dumbLosing Mind. A 30 minute exposure to someone that is complaining to you in person or on TV is enough to start stripping neuron’s in the brains hippocampus, which is needed for problem solving.

It’s a case of if you listen to these people long enough it really is only a matter of time before you start acting in the same manner. Evidently even passively listening to a complaining session can have the same effects. So stay away complainers!

There are some brain saving solutions though that will help you from losing your much loved knowledge.

  • Get them to solve their problem. If they keep complaining about the same thing over and over ask them to do something to fix the problem, or even ask them how they would like the problem to be solved. This itself may make the person realise that the complaining they are doing is just to make noise and be part of the ‘crowd’. However the most important thing to do is give them a chance to correct whatever is wrong, see how they react and what they do.
  • Just stay away. If you know someone is a notorious complainer limit your interactions with them, it’s that simple. It may seem a nasty thing to do but look at the bigger picture, if they aren’t suggesting anything to overcome the problem or trying something new they may be on the border of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result).  This could be a bit of tough love also that will get them realising that complaining all the time is bad for themselves and everyone else around them.

These are just a couple of ideas on how to get away from complainers, there are plenty out there and the best examples are sports professionals who make a habit of trying to get the negativity that may be aimed at them forgotten in their own mind.

The invisibility cloak if you will, gives you the chance to forget any words or complaints being aimed at you, which is something you can try in the work place. If you have no choice but to stand there trapped and listening to complaining then turn on your cloak of imagine you’re somewhere else, this blanket of trust will save your mind from turning into the complainer.

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