Which Small Towns are Best for Business?

The advances in technology have made it possible for small business owners to live outside of big cities.  People can now work anywhere and anytime because of the Internet.  “Boomtown, USA” author, Jack Shultz, gave OpenForum.com his take on the best small towns for business.  His choices have populations of less than 100,000.  Among these towns are the headquarters of big corporations, a huge military base, well-known universities, the NASCAR racing circuit, and the home of Elvis Presley.  Each town is booming because of some industries that benefit the community.  An entrepreneur can have his pick among these locations depending on the field of business he is into.

In an interview, Jack Shultz, the author of “Boomtown,USA” and the premier authority in economic development for rural America revealed his choices:

Bend, OR
They have a step by step guide to starting a business in this city that makes it friendly and easy. Industries include high tech research and software development, craft brewing, recreational equipment, and health care  They also highlight their very educated work force. (Population: 76,639)

Columbus, IN
It should be since Architectural Digest Magazine called Columbus the 6th most architectural significant city in the country. It is also the headquarters of Cummins Engine. Fortune Small Business Magazine named the town as one of the ”Best Places to Live and Launch” a small business. They even have their own Chamber TV and SmallBiz University. (Population: 46,011)

Columbus, MS
The city is home to the Columbus Air Force Base which creates one-third of the nation’s pilots. With more than 3,000 military and civilian employees, the base has a local economic impact of $250 million per year. (Population: 23,818)

Keene, NH
Only two hours from Boston, this small town has a niche in nanotechnology (Moore Nanotech). Other industries include high-tech manufacturing in the medical field, ball bearings, machine tools and printing technology. (Population: 22,395)

Mooresville, NC
The population has doubled as businesses around the NASCAR racing circuit have relocated to this town they now call Race City,USA. In addition, it is the home of Lake Norman and corporate home improvement giant, Lowes. (Population: 22,133)

Oxford, MS
This small town is known as the literary capital of the south with famous authors such as William Faulkner having lived here. Of course, it hosts the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). (Population: 17,636)

Ponca City, OK
The city’s history has been shaped by the petroleum industry since Conoco Oil once had their headquarters here. Now, they highlight their fast-track permitting, workforce training, state and local incentive programs and a completely wireless community. (Population: 24,782) …

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