Online MBAs: Mobile Education for Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

The web is ground zero for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. It’s the ideal space for great ideas to flourish and for ambitious individuals to realize their dreams of running a successful business. Every day sees the new formation of a tech startup or some web-based business with the goal of cornering the ever diversifying internet market.

And who can blame their ambitions? Millions upon millions of potential customers use the web at any point during the day. Whether they’re looking for the best deals on their favorite products or searching for the next best thing in social media, consumers are out en masse on the web, and they’re hungry for innovation and talent.

So who is fit to lead in the field of web entrepreneurship? For my money, I think that businesspeople and young professionals credentialed with an MBA from an online program stand among the best candidates. Let me explain why I think online MBAs are a great fit for our future business giants.

Grooming entrepreneurs for the web
It’s a given that MBA programs prepare a young professional for the business world. They’re designed to pair entrepreneurs with experienced industry professionals and academics to give students a firm understanding of what it takes to run a successful business. An online MBA program accomplishes this same feat while additionally preparing them for the web side of business.

You see, students of online MBA programs spend the majority of their schooling on the web, whether they’re watching streams of a lecture; corresponding with peers via email and social media; or completing online courseware. Students view every aspect of their academic business education through the lens of a web-based experience. It seems only logical that graduates of online MBA programs would have a business plan with at least some focus on the internet.

More web savvy than the average person
I believe that the average online MBA student knows far more about the intricacies of the web than does the average person. Students have to stay sharp about their web knowledge in order to get the most out of their virtual classes. That means staying on top of online business trends, discovering the best uses of professional networks and social media tools, and hunting around for potential business models. The more a student understands about the web, the better chance they have at developing a great idea for a future online business.

Let’s compare the education of two hypothetical MBA graduates. One went to a program at a state university where he attended classes on campus conducted by prestigious lecturers in the business field. The other had a similarly stellar education, but took the majority of their classes online. While the former student will undoubtedly have great ideas about running a business, chances are slim that their education involved the web more so than the latter student’s. true, the former student might have a great idea about a web-based business, but the latter student would have a much easier time executing that idea, because they have first-hand web experience in the business field through their online MBA.

What’s your take on online MBAs? Let me know!

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