Is it better to start your own business, or “start-up” via an existing business?

Starting a business takes a lot of time and energy. As time goes on, there are a lot of expenses that come into the picture: rent for the location, equipment, payroll, insurance, and more. Just getting together marketing materials can cost a lot of money. Some new businesses succeed but many do not because the overhead and start up costs can be so much. This is why it is smart to talk to a business broker about investing in an existing business. This is a great way to enter the business world.

By working with a business broker, one can acquire an existing business. This is a smart move because such a group is already established: the marketing materials are in place, the equipment has already been bought, and a reputation has been built. Even buying a failing business is a smart idea because it’s easier to build profits without the stress of building a business from scratch.

There are fewer surprises for a would-be business owner when they work with a business broker and negotiate a deal to acquire an existing business. People already know what to expect. This is a smart investment option. Of course, one has to rethink the business plan, budget, and how to take this existing group and make it one’s own. Working with a reliable broker means that a buyer will know what they are getting into. It is especially smart for a would-be buyer to watch the existing business in action and see how it works. This ensures that one can see what works and what one would change if they bought the existing establishment.

The right Dallas business broker will understand the ins and outs of area groups. Thus, one can talk to the broker about the history of the existing business, its profits, and the pros and cons of buying the group. If a business is failing, one can buy it at a great price as long as they have a plan for how to turn a profit. A successful business will cost more, but will come with many benefits too.

Investing in an existing business lessens risk because one does not have to spend the time dreaming up a great idea, finding cash flow, and hunting down the right location and staff. This saves a business owner a lot of money, especially if they work with a reputable Dallas broker who can negotiate this deal. This is a chance to enter the business world and to improve the likelihood of success.

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Bill Whitehurst has been engaged as a Texas business broker for the past 15 years and has over 100 successfully closed transactions. He has both MBA and BBA degrees and is a certified Business Intermediary with the International Business Brokers Association.
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