4 Tips for Balancing your Business and Family Life

Anyone who has ever owned a small business will tell you that it’s a constant uphill struggle. While many people who quit their day jobs to start their own company do so to have some free time, the reality is that, despite not having a nine to five job anymore, you will likely end up working at least 9 hours throughout the day, if not more. And this will take a toll on your family time. Still, there are things you can do to make sure that you don’t become married to your business while neglecting your spouse and children. Here are some tips:

1. Manage your time assiduously.

Time management is absolutely essential if you want to have enough time each day to spend with your family. Most of the time, when we work late, it’s probable that you wasted a lot of that time. If you learn some basic time management skills and apply them diligently, then you’ll find that you can leave your workplace a lot earlier than you think you can.

2. Get your family involved with your business in some capacity.

Of course, depending on what kind of business you own, this may not always be possible. But say, for example, that you own a restaurant. Encourage your children to work their during the summers, and get input from your spouse on marketing decisions. This type of involvement will enable you to spend time with your family while working. What’s more, they’ll realize why your business is important to you beyond monetary considerations.

3. Try your best to not work on the weekends.

Again, this is not necessarily always possible, depending on the kind of business you own. But don’t leave projects and to-do lists for the weekend, just because you don’t feel like doing them during the week. Having a completely free weekend, or as free as you can possibly make it, is absolutely essential in providing a substantial amount of time quality time focusing on your family.

4. Learn to relegate work to others.

Most people who start their own businesses have a particular set of personality traits, like a strong work ethic, a desire to take charge and get the job done. While in some scenarios, these are great personal qualities, other times they can work against you. You should learn early on when starting your business that you can’t possibly do everything, and that a good business owner knows his limitations and asks others to do certain tasks for them. This decision alone will free up your time immensely so that you spend it with your spouse and children.

The most important thing to remember is that you should prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Your children will grow up much faster than you think, and you’ll regret spending those late nights at the office later. Good luck!

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