ERP Training and How to Get it Right

In any business, software needs to be constantly updated to keep up to date with the advancements in technology. New software packages allow for companies to implement a system which makes day-to-day tasks and activities easier to conduct and complete. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system integrates all of the facets of an operation into one easy to manage system, including manufacturing, development, marketing and sales departments. An ERP system can be an effective and useful tool, however, if staff and users are not given the correct and appropriate level of training, the software will not be used to its full potential.

When staff are trained on new software packages and programs, several mistakes are easily made. Here are the most common:

Forget to explain why

Training and education are two completely separate processes and many companies train their staff on how to use particular programs but fail to educate them on the deeper ins and outs of the system. Training staff on how to use a piece of software and how it helps with daily tasks and duties will ensure that they are capable of using the system to benefit them in their daily routine. However, without sufficient education, members of staff will not know how to diagnose a problem if one occurs. Educating staff on how to navigate a particular piece of software is not enough; they need to be able to understand why a system works in a particular way and why problems may occur and how they can be amended.

Change is difficult

Change can be a scary and daunting experience. Many staff may not want to have to adjust to a brand new software system, especially if they are relatively new to the company or have only recently come to terms with a former system. This negative attitude should not be frowned upon; instead employees should be encouraged by managers and trainers that this implementation will be of a positive nature and hold many benefits to them. Try to get as many people as possible involved in the training sessions, explaining how this will be beneficial to all present.

Preparation is key

Preparation is key to delivering high quality and relevant training subjects to all those who are sitting in on the session. Remember that these members of staff are not in the process of sitting an exam but are being instructed on the best possible way to navigate an ERP system. A substantial amount of detail will be needed; however, don’t overload employees with unnecessary background of this type of software. Too much unnecessary information will put staff off. Therefore it is crucial to ensure trainers and educators draft up a set of requirements of the learning outcome of the whole session, highlighting what should be mentioned and what is irrelevant. Once this has been achieved, design a detailed lesson plan and stick to it. If training sessions are well-organised and well-presented, staff will automatically feel comfortable with the new advancement and encouraged to use to it to its full potential.

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