Why Outsource Recruitment?

Employment law, let’s face it, is a minefield – an ever-changing tangle of legislation covering all aspects of human resources; it’s hard to keep up if you don’t have an in-house HR team. This is particularly true of the recruitment process. You need to be mindful of where you advertise any job vacancies, be careful about reason for rejecting candidates, ensure your interview questions are consistent and relevant; and treat all applicants the same, fair way – appointing only on the basis of skill, not because of their relationship with the boss.

Is it any wonder that so many businesses these days have decided to leave their recruitment to the professionals, freeing up their own staff to do other, more productive things? Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is fast gaining popularity. Consider this: the maximum payment at an employment tribunal is now £236,000 and it’s possible for rejected applicants to claim for discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, race, marital status and sexual orientation. Even when you thought you’d been so careful.

RPO can take all of this worry out of your hands by managing the entire recruitment process for you. It can assist in putting together job descriptions and advertisements, then recommend the best channels through which to publicise your vacancy. RPO also takes care of the screening process for you, rejecting candidates based on legally-acceptable specifics defined between you, i.e. a minimum grade C in Maths. If assessment is necessary, the RPO Company will administer tests and revert back with the results. They will always be on hand for guidance and, depending on the level of responsibility you wish to relinquish you will be consulted as and when necessary.

RPO representatives can hold interviews for you or wish you, should you wish and relay decisions to all candidates. They will also handle all recruitment administration, from organising interview rooms, through to issuing contracts and obtaining personal details. They will also check that right to work in the UK legalities have been satisfied, to prevent any fines form the UK Border Agency. That’s not all. They can manage recruitment overseas or international mobility of secondees to other offices. By using RPO specialists, you can expect a higher calibre of applicants, a smoother recruitment procedure and lower turnover, as the right person would have been selected for the job in the first instance.

About the author:
Edward Parker is a recruitment expert who writes contents on human resource services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), HR outsourcing company etc.
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  1. IT Recruitment Says:

    “It’s hard to keep up if you don’t have an in-house HR team”. I think it’s often hard to keep up with even when you do have one!

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