Elect Home Care Franchise Business Opportunity

Elect Home Care is a premier, non-medical care company that is currently looking to expand. As such, there are amazing business opportunities available in the form of a franchise. If you invest in one of these franchises, you will enjoy complete training and support as well as extensive benefits unmatched elsewhere. Be sure to check out the details below and then ask for additional information today to find out how to apply.

About Elect Home Care

Elect Home Care was established in Memphis, Tennessee, where it began as a small business within the senior care sector. However, it billed more than $1 million within its first year, and the company’s management team quickly spotted a major opportunity. Offering in-home care to any individual who needed it, they turned to specialization in senior care and found that their client numbers soared to an incredible level. Now, demand for such care is increasing by the day and the company has planned for rapid expansion across the United States. When you look at demographic figures that are related to the care market, you will see why they have decided to make this move now.

The population of seniors is growing at an incredible rate, and that number will only increase. For example, the population of people 85 and older is expected to rise by more than 150% within thirty years. As such, Elect Home Care is perfectly positioned to capitalize on that, and you could derive financial benefits along with them.

In-Home Care And Franchisee Benefits
Elect Home Care has extensive benefits attached to it for all franchisees running their own business within the brand. All benefits are long term, so you can take advantage of them indefinitely to enhance your entrepreneurial career as well as your bank balance! Take the following, for example:

•    Massive growth is yet to come – The target market will expand greatly over the next 30 years, thus making Elect Home Care a stable investment
•    Several opportunities to earn – A range of services and multiple income streams to boost revenue
•    Massive success has been proven possible – A proven million-dollar business model to work with
•    Pre-assessed demographic territories – A huge protected territory with serious potential, such as 75,000-plus seniors older than 65 in each territory
•    Immense profits expected – Gigantic profitability, complete with expansion possibilities
•    Fantastic advertising plans available – Proven marketing and advertising systems delivered via trusted sources
•    Ongoing support is readily available – Comprehensive training, support and software provided to all franchisees

If you are looking for a high-quality service in which to invest, especially one with terrific growth potential and profitability, then this is the opportunity for you! You can really profit in this market – just look at the total annual billing for one center. As a result of that, however, this opportunity will not be around for long. Make sure that you reserve your territory now! Please request additional information today to find out more, including details on how to apply.

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