But I Don’t Want A Wholesale Merchant Account!

And the question at that point would be “Why Not”? My guess would be that nobody ever shared with you the reasons for having one of these. Allow me to do so now. Here’s a few:

a. Better impression for your business. More people trust simply paying via Visa / MasterCard / Discover / Amex, than do going through PayPal. This is not to say that you should not have a PayPal Business account (you should) but getting a Wholesale Merchant Account will allow you some additional flexibility.

b. MORE of your Money into your bank. Because the discount rates are lower than PayPal, you get to keep more of your money. Additionally fees are structured lower than PayPal’s business accounts so you literally get to keep more of your own money.

c. Your money into your bank faster. Our accounts will get your money into your bank within 24 – 48 hours during the business week. The FED does not shift funds between banks on the weekends. If you put something through on Friday, you’ll probably see it on Tuesday as Monday would be the first Business Banking Day.

d. Reliable support 24 hours a day. We provide great support to our clients all the time and are here for your to resolve your issues.

The other benefits with our services are we use high security standards to keep your information safe, we constantly monitor your transactions to ensure that your accounts are always in working order, and we don’t hold or delay your funds when you need to have them move into your accounts as other providers.

We guarantee your rates for the term of your contract and if you find a better deal that we cannot meet or beat, we will release you from your contract with no disconnect fee. Right there we save you $350 which is our fee (others charge more like $450-475).

So those are just some of the reasons you’d want a Wholesale Merchant Account with us to process your credit card transactions through. We offer hardware at COST, and we offer the ability to use a Virtual Terminal as well to do your transactions. We’re full service and an ISO of Chase Bank. No signup fees, No Application fees, No Membership fees, No Yearly Membership fees. Low monthly rates for gateway and statements (less than $10.00 each). Discount rates start at just 1.59%

And to give those other guys their fair break … To sign up for a PayPal Business Account, simply go here: PAYPAL BUSINESS ACCOUNTS as they’re good to have in addition to a Wholesale Merchant Account for a number of reasons that we’ll talk about in another article. Best of luck to you in your business.

About the author:
Formerly of Pixar Animation Studios and Sun Microsystems. 30 Year technology veteran with experience in a number of operating systems as well as search engine optimization and internet marketing.
My website is at: http://www.docmurdock.com


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