ElizaJ Franchise Business Opportunity

ElizaJ is a large and highly profitable enterprise that has just opened up a new business opportunity for those looking to join a successful franchise and run their own company. ElizaJ offers third party financing plus training and support, but that is literally the tip of the iceberg in terms of the benefits. For more information, please request our detailed brochure today. However, if you want an idea of just how far ElizaJ could take your career, then the details below will highlight exactly what a fabulous opportunity this is.

About ElizaJ
ElizaJ is a highly reputable provider of portable restrooms that go above and beyond those portable bathrooms many people are used to. Recognizing an exploitable niche within this market, the company’s founder Eliza Kendall took full advantage by designing and producing high-quality portable restrooms that were a pleasure to use, rather than a dreaded last resort. Highly practical and decorative, such facilities are in great demand because they are innovative and unique, as well as due to the fact that they impress guests to no end. Believe it or not, such rentals are highly coveted and incredibly sought after, for all sorts of outdoor and indoor functions alike.

There are various types of restrooms within the ElizaJ range, and they all feature various facilities such as music, heating, fresh water flushes, fresh water sinks, fresh flowers, brand-name products, and even wicker wastebaskets. The profit is in the detail. There is no hookup required for the fresh and hygienic water facilities, and some restrooms are even accessible via wheelchair. As a result, ElizaJ effectively caters to all the wants and needs of guests, no matter what.

An Untapped Market And Untapped Benefits
This industry effectively features a handful of providers, of which ElizaJ is the premier company. As such, the franchise is spreading like wildfire and is highly profitable. For example, the portable restroom market is worth $1.5 billion annually. The restrooms are also environmentally friendly, so they appeal to all organizers of special events. They are also highly convenient, so you can market several areas of the business to appeal to businesses and individuals alike.

Franchisee benefits include:

•    Cutting-edge systems – State-of-the-art facilities and operation
•    Fantastic high-level training – An amazing training process and ongoing support
•    Control your own hours – Flexible working hours to schedule your business interests around your lifestyle commitments
•    Excellent marketing awareness – Proven marketing and advertising programs
•    Huge brand awareness – A major brand in a niche market that will prove very profitable
•    Unlimited earnings – Uncapped earnings and therefore huge entrepreneurial potential

This prospect is mind-blowing for a number of reasons. Not only would you have the whole special events market at your feet, but also very little competition to fight off. This will undoubtedly give you an edge in business and prove to be a valuable starting point in your entrepreneurial career. ElizaJ is offering a fantastic opportunity, and you can request complete details right now. The additional information will highlight exactly how positive a step this is, ensuring that the benefits really come through for you. In this case, the opportunities truly are endless.

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