CleanNet USA Franchise Information

CleanNet USA is an established franchise currently seeking to recruit new franchisees to take the company to the next level of its expansion. With training, support, and financial assistance available, this really is an amazing opportunity. You can run your own business with the backing of a major brand and enjoy the revenues that roll in! Please request further information after reading the outline below, as you will quickly recognize exactly how innovative and attractive this franchise is.

About CleanNet USA
CleanNet USA has been proven to be one of the fasting growing companies in the United States within the commercial cleaning niche. This industry enjoys a great deal of potential, especially since many companies now find it more cost-effective to employ external services rather than hire in-house cleaners. After all, 85% of office building owners employ outside services to keep their offices clean. With most of this work done by independent, single-location firms, there are only one or two big names in the industry. Why not capitalize on this opportunity while there is so little competition around? You will then be extremely well placed to take advantage of additional growth in this sector.

The CleanNet USA Franchise
CleanNet USA has the advantage of many benefits. While some of these are related directly to the industry, most rely on this dynamic and reputable brand. You can take advantage of:

•    Cutting-edge technology – Maintain contracts, appointments and schedules to manage your business effectively
•    Protected customer bases – Exclusive territories to ensure that your business remains as profitable as possible
•    Recession-proof business – Businesses maintain cleanliness for a good first impression on clients, so you can keep on earning and enjoy great customer loyalty
•    Regular income – Commercial cleaning contracts bring recurring income and high profitability
•    Brand awareness – A great brand and reputation within the industry, attracting customers over and above unknown companies
•    Ongoing training and support – Incredible training to advance your overall business skills
•    Effective scalability – Master franchise ownership available, thereby giving you more control and access to great profitability

CleanNet USA has all of the advantages listed above, which can literally help to sell your cleaning services to the public to the point at which orders are coming thick and fast. High demand is always there, and it is easy to create leads and tap into mega-profitability. With entrepreneurial goals firmly in mind, you want not only a stable company but also one that has the potential to grow. Being an entrepreneur is about more than the money. It is about reaching your business goals, and this opportunity can set you well on the way to that achievement.

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