American Business Systems Business Opportunity – Start a Medical Billing Business

American Business Systems has recently opened up a business opportunity for the driven, motivated, and ambitious aspiring entrepreneur. You can run your own business under the company, complete with full training and support. You can also tap into the financing assistance that is offered by a third party, if necessary. If you live in the United States then this opportunity is well worth consideration. Check out the information outlined below to see why!

About American Business Systems
American Business Systems is a unique opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to make their money by helping other people. It is a medical billing company that is the largest in the industry but is in such demand at the moment that they need to expand quickly in order to keep up. The purpose behind the business is to help doctors to keep up with their billing, increase the rate at which they are paid, and ensure that their rejection rate is as low as possible. As an ABS Certified Licensee, you will be responsible, in part, for enabling the health care system to become more efficient and ensure that care continues as normal!

Paper billing is still as prevalent as ever in the medical billing industry, which is what makes this opportunity such an amazing one. By using electronic billing, you can be more efficient and earn more money than those using paper systems, thus allowing American Business Systems to dominate the industry!

The Massive Health Care Benefits!
American Business Systems has huge benefits for everyone involved. The doctors will get paid within a couple of weeks rather than it taking as long as three months. Their claims rejection rate will also reduce to 2% rather than 30%, but what is in it for you? Well, take a look at the following for quick insight:

•    Advanced technology at your fingertips – Proprietary software systems to remove the need for paper billing
•    Business and personal freedom – Incredible freedom because all you need is an Internet connection, so you can work from the local coffee house if you wish.
•    Unlimited earning opportunities – Incredible profitability, which is increased by filing claims as quickly as possible
•    Enhanced profitability – Up to 10 income streams within American Business Systems, all of which are easily accessible and incredibly profitable
•    Future demographic growth – Exponential growth within the medical sector given the increasing number of seniors
•    Proven advertising and marketing – Fantastic marketing systems to increase your level of business
•    Long-term support – Unlimited support during the first two years as a ABS licensee

If you would like to profit from the immense growth and profitability of the medical billing industry then now is the time to join. Larger practices have already begun to use electronic medical billing systems but it is not yet compulsory. Build your client list and your reputation now to take full advantage before the law changes and you will benefit from huge profits and an established client base for years to come. Request further information now to capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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