Creating Success Through Emotional Marketing

If you’re spending the bulk of your time focusing on how and where to market, you could be missing the boat when it comes to building a successful business.  You can have a dynamite advertising campaign, the best public relations campaign, or the most far reaching social media campaign, but if you haven’t created a compelling emotional message, all of that time, hard work, money and ingenuity could be for naught. 

Your message is what resonates with and sells your potential clients or customers.  Whether they see your message on TV, in a magazine, on a blog or on Facebook is not nearly as important as whether that message strikes an emotional core in them.  You need to connect with your audience; you need to make it clear that you are speaking directly to them and their needs.

It is said that emotion stimulates people’s minds up to 3000 times faster than non-emotional thought.  Emotions are what make us act and react.  People buy based on emotion, much more than they do on rational thought. 

Yes it is important that you choose the right marketing medium, but, the best designed public relations, advertising or social media marketing program will be useless to you if you have not taken the time and effort to create an emotional message that resonates with your audience.

Facts and information are important, but they are not the key when it comes to successful marketing.  For example let’s say you are sell running shoes, if you simply talk about why they are sturdy, durable and well designed, that might stimulate some sales, but you’re basically missing the mark.  If you paint a picture where your potential customers see and feel themselves wearing your shoes and running in the mountains, or by the beach or winning a race, it’s those experiences that are going to engage them and it’s the emotion triggered by those experiences that will get them to buy.

So, yes, make sure that the medium you use is one that reaches your market, but remember that is simply the delivery method. It’s your message, your story that is going to connect with your customers and sell your product or service.   You want your target audience to feel your message; you want them to react which will in turn get them to act.

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