How Much Does a UPS Store Franchise Cost?

There are very few companies that have spread to over 75 countries and territories with more than 6000 branches around the world – and UPS franchise is one of them. A global leader in the package delivery industry, UPS Store derives much of its attractiveness from its UPS Store franchise program, with scores of franchisees running their own establishments under this brand. Below you will find the most important facts about UPS franchises that will give you a good idea of what being a UPS Store franchisee entails.

UPS Store Franchise Review
Global recognition and reputation give UPS franchises a major advantage over any competitors. Naturally, all entrepreneurs are able to enjoy many benefits right after acquiring a UPS Store franchise for sale. Another attractive point about UPS Store franchises is that franchisees receive invaluable support from the headquarters and local representatives of the company. For instance, the UPS Store franchisor will assist you with site selection and design.

Since it is clear that franchisees need a certain degree of skill and knowledge to operate UPS Store franchises successfully, the headquarters of UPS franchise also organize two-week training sessions, as well as eight-day courses to introduce franchisees to this business and provide them with the latest UPS Store franchise information. This kind of support and training can be truly invaluable for many entrepreneurs.

One more attractive feature that facilitates acquisition of a UPS Store franchise for sale is a special UPS franchise lease program, which is aimed at helping franchisees to receive necessary financing. On top of that, every UPS Store franchisee has access to a number of products and services, for instance, Packaging and Moving Supplies, Shipping and Packing, Copying, Mailbox and Postal Services, Finishing & Printing, as well as all kinds of Business Services. UPS franchises also have unmatched tracking and distribution capabilities.

UPS Store Franchise Information & Costs
You should be aware that UPS Store works with many medium and large Fortune 1000 companies, which need integrated solutions to operate their businesses successfully. The Corporate Retail Solutions department of the main company helps position such solutions – and since there is a network system that connects all UPS Store franchises to the central office, every franchisee can focus his or her resources and run the business as successfully as possible.

UPS franchise requires its franchisees to be proficient in English, so it is possible that you will be asked to take and pass a special English proficiency exam to confirm your eligibility to join the family of UPS Store franchises.

Regarding the UPS franchise cost, you would need to have at least $60,000 in liquid capital to buy a UPS Store franchise. This amount differs depending on the area you have selected for your business operations. The franchise cost may also be somewhat inflated by additional operating costs, as it will take some time for a new UPS franchise to become profitable. The total investment will likely be somewhere in the range of $170,000 to $280,000. You will need to contact UPS franchise headquarters to receive more specific details about the total UPS franchise cost.

UPS franchises are now all over the world and this network is expanding rapidly. UPS Store has been voted the top franchise in its industry for 19 consecutive years by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500! If you are an ambitious entrepreneur, you should definitely consider investing into a UPS franchise.

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