Qualifying Questions

Qualifying your customer is the process of determining their interest in your value proposition, their budget and their decision-making process. Do they have the Money, Authority and Desire (MAD)? They are not fully qualified unless they have all three. One of the ways you can determine if they are MAD is simply to ask. Here are some qualifying questions:

· Whose budget is this coming out of?
· How much have you set-aside for this project?
· How are you proposing to fund the project?
· What is your company’s process for funding these types of investments?
· When does the budget process begin?
· What are the steps in your budgeting process?

· What is the decision-making process for this project?
· Who else do you need to consult before making a decision?
· Is there any one else you think I should talk to about this project?
· Whose head will roll if this project is not a success?

· What are your top three goals for this year?
· How important are these goals to your company’s growth plans?
· How do they support the company’s growth strategy?
· What typically happens to managers at your company who achieve or exceed their goals?
· What happens if you do not achieve these goals?
· What are some of the solutions you have tried in the past (or currently using)?
· What results did you get?
· Were those results acceptable?
· What kinds of solutions are you considering this time?
· What results do you expect?
· What thoughts do you have about measuring results?
· Are you open to considering some creative ideas?
· What other firms are you talking to?
· Do you have a specific proposal from them?
· What is in it?
· What criteria are you going to use to select a partner?
· Which criterion is the most important to you?
· Do we have a shot at this?

Final Question
Is there anything else you think I should know?

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