Dominating Delivery In Taft … Get The Door … It’s Domino’s

The Taft Independent:

quotation.jpgIf you are at home and it’s the weekend, you’re probably thinking pizza. Bob Leikam wants you to think Domino’s, and its probably an easy decision to make – if you want delivery and you want it fast. Domino’s
Founded in 1961, Domino’s Pizza is the recognized world leader of pizza delivery. Franchisee Bob Leikam opened Domino’s Pizza in Taft during the summer of 1986. His wife Tina joined the company the following year in 1987. Bob started out delivering pizzas for Domino’s on the weekends while he was attending college at Texas A&M.
At the time, he didn’t know that the Domino’s he was working at was the number one store in the country. Bob later joined store opening teams and helped open the first stores in Houston, St. Louis, Jefferson City, and several other stores in Illinois. Then, as Bob likes to say, “I saved my tips” and he began to look for a city to open his own Domino’s.

He found Taft in a library book and saw that Taft College had the number one ranked football team for a community college and had a dorm area, and thought that would be the perfect location. At that time the movie “The Best of Times” had just been released so Taft was getting some recognition.

“I chose the small town atmosphere, and I liked it,” Leikam said. Leikam opened the Domino’s in Taft in June of 1986. According to Leikam, the pizza business is a follow-the-leader enterprise that is consumer driven, and the consumer always wins.

For decades the company has sold only pizzas and soda but recently consumers have asked for more and Domino’s Pizza has delivered, and today you get more choices than ever before. Their menu expansion has included oven baked sandwiches, bread bowl pastas, salads, and various desserts including the brand new Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake. Now, 23 of the 25 top pizza chains sell more than just pizza. Dominos was the first company to start the 5.5.5 deal and other companies followed.

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