Top 10 Business Opportunities For Veterans

Thank You For Your Service!
Veterans of the U.S. military are coming home these days to a fairly bleak economic climate.  Jobs are tough to find, which means that more and more people are looking into entrepreneurship as a legitimate path to personal financial success.  Many veteran business opportunities are available that use the unique skills of leadership and technology that today’s military imparts on its members.  The recent revival of the G.I. Bill, which mirrors educational benefits extended to the men and women who returned from WWII, is one area where veterans are being given the break they deserve.  The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has a special lending plan for vets, and many franchising companies offer discounts to veterans who are interested in that aspect of small business opportunities.

Veteran Business Opportunities - Veteran Franchise Opportunities
Among all the business opportunities for sale, the ten listed below are especially appropriate for individuals who have prior military service.

  1. Landscaping and lawn care – This field is a young person’s industry, mainly because it requires someone who is physically fit and has experience working outdoors.  Veterans do especially well in this environment, particularly because they have a sense of military precision that goes nicely with well designed landscape.
  2. Healthcare – A large number of returning veterans have served in a medical facility or as part of a team of medics.  In-the-field medicine is at the cutting edge of healthcare, and the experience one gains in triage or other aspects of emergency medical assistance translates well into running an independent ambulance service, working as a private nurse, or recruiting others to join the healthcare field.
  3. Computer repair – The modern military is a technological wonder, where nearly everything is reliant on the proper integration of hardware and software.  Many of our veterans leave with significant experience in this area, and running your own mobile computer repair service is where you can put these skills to good use.
  4. Remodeling – Anyone who has served in the armed forces knows that nothing ever seems to work properly unless you modify or tinker with it.  As the U.S. population ages, more people than ever prefer to remain at home rather than move to a senior living center.  For the elderly who are confined to wheelchairs or must rely on walkers or canes to get around safely, their existing homes need modifications such as wheelchair ramps, wider doorways, and more accessible bathroom fixtures.
  5. Vending – More and more items are available these days through vending machines, and the servicing of a vending route is not terribly time consuming.  One of the biggest recent hits in this field is the DVD rental kiosk, which can be placed in any number of high-traffic areas.  Cook-as-you-watch food (such as popcorn or hot dogs) is another “hot” product development in this industry.  Of course, there are the traditional machines as well, serving up soft drinks, snacks, and personal items like as travel-size toiletries.
  6. Home inspection – Training is minimal, and demand is up as prospective buyers are more careful than ever when it comes to purchasing an existing home.  The options here range from running a one-person business to hiring and managing a crew to do the inspections for you, while you track down sales and perform quality control on the reports that serve as your final delivered product.
  7. Vehicle repair – Keeping a Humvee running in a 120-degree environment is a challenge to any auto mechanic.  Putting those skills to work Stateside could involve owning your own general car repair business, or mobile windshield repair, or a franchise that specializes in fast oil changes or muffler replacement.  There is also an opportunity here to be a buyer’s consultant, renting out your services to perform independent auto inspection for people who are buying used cars from private sellers.
  8. Shipping services – The U.S. Postal Service is no longer the only game in town, and private packing and shipping businesses are springing up all over the place.  Organizational skills are a top priority in this industry, especially since customers rely on your ability to protect their goods as they’re shipped from your establishment to loved ones across town or overseas.
  9. Domestic services – The house cleaning industry is big business, and veterans who have chain-of-command experience are especially well suited for this field.  A number of big names in the industry offer franchise fee discounts to veterans, and they also instruct you on how to recruit, train and motivate the cleaning crews that do the work.
  10. Veterans’ consulting – Perhaps the best possible use of your former time in the military is to act as a liaison for fellow soldiers as they return to private life.  Many vets have formed non-profit organizations that help their compatriots find jobs, receive proper mental and physical healthcare, and gain full use of the benefits they deserve.

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