McDonald’s Rolls Out Espresso Drinks In Southern Colorado

Colorado Springs Gazette:

quotation.jpg McDonald’s, which is already faring well in the recession, is hoping to brew up even more business with its new espresso-based McCafe

The fast-food chain began gradually rolling out the new beverage line, which includes cappuccinos and iced and hot lattes and mochas, in late 2007. Now the espresso drinks are being officially introduced in southern Colorado, though some area McDonald’s have had them for months. The line was rolled out in the Denver area last fall.

A regional advertising campaign began Monday; before then, local McDonald’s used only in-store marketing to get the word out on the new drinks. Even so, “there’s been some buzz,” said Jason Thompson, owner of two McDonald’s on the east side of Colorado Springs. “People are excited about it.”

Prices may vary a bit among locations. At the McDonald’s owned by Thompson at Platte Avenue and Murray Boulevard, posted prices range from $2.29 for a 12-ounce drink to $3.19 for a 22-ounce one.

Photo: Jerilee Bennett / The Gazette.

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