Achieving Extraordinary Results: It’s Just a Skill

When you look at all the “superstars” our heroes, the people we emulate we tend to think they are endowed with Super Powers.  They are able to achieve fame, success, fortune due to abilities beyond those that we have been given.  They are simply blessed. 

However, that isn’t the case.  The people who achieve extraordinary results have simply learned how to use a series of skills to achieve their goals. 

Regardless of how vastly different their goals are, they all use basically the same skills.

The wonderful thing about this fact is that if it is just a skill – skills can be learned.  So you and I can Achieve Extraordinary Results, because, it’s just a skill!

In this program I break down the basic skills for goal setting and achievement into 7 tools and 7 rules.

Achieving Extraordinary Results is simple, but not easy.  It seems to me there are three reasons why this is the case for most of us.

First, we live in a society that gives us far too many options.  When we run into resistance we can simply move to something else. We lose sight of the objective.   It is easy to quit without penalty or consequence. 

Second, we have become lazy.  Everyone wants to stand on the platform and receive the gold medal, but few want to actually work for it.  We want the rewards without the work.  Since most of us can get that to some degree, we don’t push ourselves to goal achievement. 

Thirdly, and most importantly,  we really don’t know how to Achieve Extraordinary Results, it is not taught – until now. 

The most important skill that we are missing is the first of the 7 tools and that is how to actually set an achievable Goal. 

I remember talking about Goal setting when I was in grade school in the ’50′s.  Keep your eye on the Goal, what is your Goal, make it your Goal, were phrases I heard all through high school and college athletics.  You have too, I imagine.

The only catch was, we weren’t taught how to actually set a Goal.  We knew we had things we wanted to achieve, but the actual details of setting and achieving a Goal were not taught.  

One thing I see is that people who are high achievers know how to set Goals.  And now so will you.

A Goal is a written detailed objective to be achieved by a specific point in time.  That is a Goal.

Please note 3 elements that make up a Goal.

1.  It should be written out in long hand, not entered into a computer.  I can’t explain why, but there is something magical about writing it out in long hand.

Then you should re-write and read it often. Don’t lose sight of your Goal.

2.  The Goal has to be detailed.  “I need to lose weight,”  “I am going on a diet,”

“I need to take off a few pounds,” are NOT Goals.  They may be desires, whishes, dreams, but they are not Goals. This is a lot more difficult to do than it would seem.  People tend to write general wishes, not specific Goals.

3.  The Goal must have a due in suspense date.  That is a date that you will achieve your Goal.  Make it practical not too soon or not too far off.

When working with folks on this program, I find most people have a difficult time actually determining a Goal.  And these are companies that have claimed to set Goals for years. 

So an example of my written Goal could be: “I will have a body fat content of 15% by May 15th.”

That’s it.   Written, detailed, dated. 

We will move on to Plans, Steps and the remainder of the tools and rules in future articles.  For the time being, focus on simply setting a couple real Goals.

Achieve Extraordinary Result.

About the author:
Bill Truax is a Motivational Speaker and Sales Consultant living in Cleveland, OH. He presents inspiring and exciting presentations on goal setting and achievement as well as workshops on Field Sales Prospecting. He has written 4 books and recorded 2 CD’s on Prospecting and Making Cold Calls and conducts a variety of skill based seminars, workshops, and train the trainer programs. Visit his website below or call him at 800-253-1214.
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