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Do you find yourself struggling with how to deal with people problems at work? If so, Manager’s Desktop Consultant: Just-in-Time Solutions to the Top People Problems that Keep You Up at Night is a worthy addition to your library of business books. Written by organizational development experts Louellen N. Essex, Ph.D. and Mitchell E. Kusy, Ph.D., this book provides practical advice for helping managers effectively deal with people problems at work.

This book is designed to provide leaders at all levels within modern organizations with practical tips and suggestions for effectively handle people related issues. It touches on techniques for managing all types of people problems that arise in the business world, including tips for improving one’s ability to communicate effectively with peers and subordinates alike.

One of the biggest challenges faced by managers relates to effectively managing change within their organizations. Coping with employees who are resistant to change can be particularly challenging and difficult. This book provides guidance for creating a systematic process and plan for leading organizations through change in a manner that will include and engage employees in the process. Encouraging employee teamwork and collaboration is another important people issue of concern to managers. The authors do an excellent job of providing substantive tips for cultivating a culture of teamwork that go beyond the often “touchy-feely” suggestions. Their emphasis is on how to improve productivity and efficiency via team work.

In any environment where people have to work together, conflict is inevitable. Managing conflict in a constructive manner isn’t always easy, but it is something that today’s managers have to face. This book describes different approaches to conflict management and provides a questionnaire designed to help readers develop a better understanding of their preferred conflict management style.. Suggestions are also provided regarding how managers can effectively manage staff performance, providing specific suggestions for dealing with those overachieving “stars” of the department of the organization, along with employees who do not live up to standard or expectations and those who can’t interact effectively with their co-workers.

Additionally, you’ll learn about the role organizational politics plays in building a base of influence within your organization, and you’ll discover strategies that can help you transition from the role of employee to leader in your company. If you are looking for a practical resource that can help you improve your ability to effectively manage people problems in the workplace, Manager’s Desktop Consultant is a must-read for you! It is easy to read, and is brimming with practical advice that is easy to understand and implement.

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