Rachael Ray – Entrepreneur And Food Network Superstar

Rachael Ray is an unlikely entrepreneur, but a successful one nevertheless. Born in New York on August 25, 1968 she is known throughout the US for her culinary abilities and her TV show. Although Rachael Ray did initially set out to make a living out of her hobby, the way it has snowballed took even her by surprise. As such, the entrepreneur has made millions from doing what she loves and is an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs who would like to do the same.

For The Love Of Food

Rachael Ray’s entire working life has been spent around food. She initially entered the food industry by working in her family’s restaurant in Cape Cod, Massachusetts before branching out on her own. After managing a bar and opening a market, the entrepreneur began working as a buyer at the renowned Crown & Lobel market in Albany, New York. It was there that she really came into her own. She found many people were reluctant to cook and so established her own cookery class to teach them. Her “30 Minute Meals” caught on so much that they soon captured the attention of CBS affiliate WRGB.

Not long after the entrepreneur began to appear on WRGB, the Food Network also expressed interest in her, as did a local radio station. Ray’s cooking and likeable personality soon meant that her popularity grew virtually overnight. She was doing what she loved and getting handsomely paid for it.

Cooking And Beyond

Rachael Ray soon began appearing on the Food Network and even published her own book. Her face had become extremely marketable despite the fact that she had no formal training. It was this fact though that made the entrepreneur popular because she was simply like everyone else at home. This ensured her move from cooking to daytime TV was fairly seamless when the time came.

Rachael Ray now fronts her own daytime chat show, The Rachael Ray Show, as well as having recurring appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She seems to have transcended the food industry and taken on a life all of her own as a result. However, her own show was not the end for Rachael Ray. Not to be pigeonholed, she became the darling of advertisers and actually has a string of product endorsements to her name as well as her own magazine, Every Day With Rachael Ray, which was first printed in 2006.

Rachael Ray remains one of the most popular TV show hosts in America, as well as one of the most popular cooks. Her books, magazines and website are also doing extremely well and will no doubt continue to do so on account of her popularity. Ray freely admits that she still does not know how she has risen to such stardom but has proved to be an extremely savvy entrepreneur. She has successfully capitalized on her popularity and gone from strength, which many other have failed to do in the past. It is this attitude that will keep her endorsements and products earning for her year in and year out.

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    Despite having no formal training in culinary arts, Rachel Ray has made a name for herself in the food industry. With numerous shows on the Food Network, a talk show and cookbooks, high-energy Rachael doesn’t slow down. I think Rachael Ray is one of today’s most dominant and successful entrepreneurs.

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