Getting in Shape for Christmas

Week 1
Motivation…choose something that will remind you of why you are embarking on this change. It could be a photograph of a slimmer, healthier you. It could be a reward you plan to give yourself when you have achieved the first step of your weight.

You could choose a slogan for your health is my wealth for example. Locate your reminders where you will see them often. You could even choose to create an album of songs that you can listen to that will keep your energy and enthusiasm up!

Week 2
Keeping it up…have you had your first failure yet? When it happens, mentally shake it off and start all over again. Ask yourself what can you learn from your mistake? Choose to observe yourself rather than launching into a mental tirade about what a fat ugly failure you are. Acknowledge all the good choices you have made over the last number of days. Are you going to let one slip negate all your good work? You can do it, but remember to do it just for today…every day.

Week 3
Getting support
…nothing great was ever achieved alone. Find someone who has walked this path and ask them for their help. Buddy up with someone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle. Agree to meet them in order to go to the gym or walking. It’s often easier to keep a commitment to another than to ourselves. Consider joining Weight Watchers or Unislim or one of the many other organisations around the country. You could even use the Internet to locate a programme to help you.

Week 4
Inspiration: Go back to your motivation. Acknowledge your progress and be amazed as you steadily change your eating habits and lifestyle. If you have just begun to exercise regularly the day will come when exercise will be a treat, not a torture! Keep finding books, pictures, people, websites, slogans that inspire you and keep you going. Make sure you give yourself a reward for every milestone reached. Consider setting yourself a really big goal…walking a half marathon for your favourite charity, purchasing that jacket that’s one size smaller than what you are now.

Week 5
The Big picture: When you take better care of yourself, when you practise what is called extreme self-care, you will find that you will have more time, love and compassion for others. When you begin to honour your health and body, you will find that your energy levels will begin to rise and as a by-product your confidence will increase as well. It’s as if you have been promoted. You will feel less stressed and better able to handle gracefully the opportunities and challenges life brings you.

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