GlobalBX Entrepreneur Business Articles - January 2008

How To Buy A Health Club / Gym Business

The wellness industry is a very large industry in today’s market.  There are many opportunities to buy a gym or even buy a health club.  There is an excellent opportunity to make a large profit on your initial investment when you find a good gym business for sale.  There are a few things that you [...]

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Tips On Buying A School For Sale

Governments all over the world are advocating education for all, and indeed the number of schools around has increased in recent years, but owning a school is rarely ever thought of as an investment option for established businessmen and women that are looking to buy a new business. Despite that, buying a school for sale [...]

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How to Buy a Pharmacy Business for Sale

It is important to have a general knowledge of medications and the retail pharmacy business before you buy a regular store pharmacy or an online pharmacy. Even though you do not have to be a pharmacist or have a medical degree, knowledge of the general industry will help you to run the business and increase [...]

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