GlobalBX Entrepreneur Business Articles - April 2008

How to Buy a Commercial Cleaning Business

In a perfect world, everyone would have time to clean up after themselves and share all of the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning assignments. However, as long as there are commercial buildings and businesses there will always be a need for commercial cleaning businesses. Buying a commercial cleaning company can be one of the best [...]

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How To Buy A Staffing Business

If you are considering investing in a new business and want an investment that can reap extremely high rewards, even within the first year, then you should look into how to buy a staffing business. Buying a staffing business, or employment agency, is not the first thing that springs to mind when you are looking [...]

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How To Buy A Towing Business

Many individuals will not think of buying a towing business if they are considering further business investments to add to their portfolio, but a towing business for sale has many advantages of various other businesses that exist around the world. It is the perfect absentee business for investors that are simply looking for a viable [...]

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